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LFT- Season Classic: Autumn

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_HyperLynx #1 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 20:38

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Hey, looking for a high end team for the upcoming tournament. I will be available on the following days(and possibly more):

  • Friday November 17th - Group Stage Day 3 (6 pm PT) 
  • Monday November 20th - Group Stage Day 4 (6 pm PT) 
  • Tuesday November 21st (Tiebreaker Day if Needed) (5pm PT)

I have the T29, E25, SU-122-44, and Leo(No really. i love this tank and I think it's a beast with the 300 alpha and depression)


I have 4 Skills in the E25, 2 Skills in the SU-122-44 and Leo, and can put in a 2-3 skill crew into the T29. I will also be purchasing the T71 DA today for it's opness and getting a crew with at the very least sixth sense.


Send me a message on the forums! Thanks!

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