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Trouble with 30v30 battles


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ImCrius #1 Posted Nov 15 2017 - 01:10

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Hi All,


So, I've played quite a few of these at this point, and I find them to be frustrating.  


It seems to me like one fundamental problem with them is that there aren't enough light tank players at T10 to balance out the vision needs on the large map.  This leaves my heavies as sitting ducks if I take the non-city route (I only have 2 heavies and one med at T10).  I've found that whoever gets eyes to the south-east corner of the map first gets to dominate that side; i'll never be able to fight my way to there in my heavy.  


It also seems very tricky to be able to get to the center rise without being demolished from the flanks.


Hmm...  for now I've turned off the option, but I'd really appreciate some input on how to play this map, particularly as a heavy, like, if I end up starting on the SE flank, what should I do?  




Buttknuckle #2 Posted Nov 15 2017 - 01:31


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But, I thought the common complaint, after the introduction of high tier LTs, was that they were useless and out performed by high tier MTs in scouting roles. The 30 V 30 games I've played have had plenty of MTs in them.

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