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Various Equipment Related Questions

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__WarChild__ #1 Posted Nov 16 2017 - 15:11


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I have some questions:


1) I thought I saw a schedule that shows what discounts we have coming up along with 3x, 5x, etc.  Where can I find that?

2) When do we think they will have equipment discounts?

3) What equipment do folks put on the Skorpion G?

4) What equipment is best on the WZ-131?

5) What are all these tortion, springs, coils, whatever equipment pieces I received during Halloween?  Do I need them?  What do they go on?


Thank you for your time.



The_Michael #2 Posted Nov 16 2017 - 15:21

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Pretty much every tank benefits from a Gun Rammer.


Every other tank class, aside from TDs perhaps benefits from a vertical stabilizer.


Tanks like the WZ131, if you don't have a baller crew I'd suggest either Binocs or coated optics, otherwise I'd go for vents.


Mediums and heavies usually opt for vents.


As far as TD's go, I have little advice to give since I hate them so.


The torsion spring coils are something that increase your track HP and load capacity.  Generally don't use these.  They only allow you to skip researching the tracks to mount the top turret/gun of most tanks but still hurts your deg/sec turn radius, etc.

strenfoo #3 Posted Nov 16 2017 - 15:50


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https://worldoftanks...nts-overview/.  They post these things towards the end of every month although they don't necessarily include every sale they're going to have.


They haven't announced any upcoming equipment sales yet but I'd be shocked if we didn't see one next week around Black Friday.  There will also probably be another one sometime in December.  Last year, I think they had one in November and one in December.  They have equipment sales maybe 4 or 5 times a year.  You can generally count on them around Thanksgiving, Christmas, WoT NA anniversary (around April or May), and Wargaming anniversery (late August).  Plan accordingly and buy in advance so you never have to buy equipment at full price.


http://www.vbaddict...._skorpion_g-196 (Click the equipment tab).  That should only serve as a guide and not a rule.  It just shows you what a lot of other folks use.  Adjust to suit your play style.




Springs allow you to bump up your load capacity without researching the upgraded suspension.  They're generally only used so you can mount equipment and other modules without having to research the upgraded tracks first which is nice at high tiers.  Without them, you'll be tempted to blow up to around 20k free XP on the upgraded tracks as soon as you get the tank.

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__WarChild__ #4 Posted Nov 16 2017 - 23:53


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Thank you both.  Very helpful!

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