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Common Test Suggestion - re. Too Many Tier X Tanks

ct common test match making mm

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Major_Pain_Diaz #1 Posted Nov 20 2017 - 16:45


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I've been trying to test out tanks other than tier X on the CT server with no luck. I would think that WG would like feedback on tanks other than tier X but when I select a VII or IX, I wait forever to get into a game. With a VII SPG the wait can be infinite.


I would suggest that on the CT server players be limited to the number of tier X games they can play in a row even to the point of requiring a different tier after a tier X. Another possibility is to limit MM for tier X tanks so that there are no games that are all tier X.


As it stands, the only feedback I can give is on tier X tanks because I can't get into a game with any other tier.

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The_Diadect #2 Posted Nov 20 2017 - 17:50

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why would WG want input on anything OTHER than tier 10? The main topic of this update is the badger, and that sideline of french heavies, which no one cares about since their armor is being compared to amx 50 120 which is ...... not very good.


People want to see if the tier 10 is worth the grind, because that is the ultimate reward for grinding up the line. If the tier x is good, most people are willing to just suffer through a couple bad tanks on the line.


You know very well WG does not care one bit about what we say, unless the entire community comes together to bash them for it, which in this case, there is no reason to do so.


Be honest, you just wanted to test tanks you didnt have to see if you wanted to grind towards them, right?

scoutsout7 #3 Posted Nov 22 2017 - 17:35


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Playing lower tier tanks on test sever 


Morning I just logged off the test sever and I have learned that you need to log on early in the morning or at least Am time PST to get enough players in the game if you play in the evening our time NA Sever then the numbers are very low and most if not all are playing T10's. I have played even T6's in the morning time because of the numbers in the game.


Scouts out 


TboneOathKeeper #4 Posted Nov 27 2017 - 20:53


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Hello Major,

I found that you need to look at Russian time and play when most players are playing. I did have luck with lower tiers when doing that. They have a prime time just like most servers. Good luck my friend......

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