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My Results for the 9.21 Test ........

9.21 test test public test public testing

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TboneOathKeeper #1 Posted Nov 27 2017 - 21:33


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Hello Tankers,

First I will start with the new "Klondike" map.  These Battles were played in the 30 vs 30 mode.  The Map play's different then the other 30 vs 30 map.  Starting with the highs and lows of the map.  Some parts of the map are high in the mountains , then dropping all the way down into under the bridge and water.  Sniping will still be a problem on this map I just feel its less then the other maps Sniping. You will see "Pushes" from one side or another , which keeps the teams honest and makes teams spread out more.  You will find yourself in 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 2or 3's.  Tanks with good vision still has advantages in this map. Great part of this map is that there are Heavy tank runs were you will be arty safe or at least arty may have bigger problems on map. My view is that this map is "Better" and I thank world of tanks for putting it out.  I just wish we get some of those maps we all know they have. 

  Next is the British Tank Destroyers , The "Badger" or so-called FV217 is NOT the monster everyone thought it would be. If your thinking it will be like the Tier 9 "Tort" TD. You will be disappointed many because once you get into this tank you will realize that the speed and the gun tends to make most players more aggressive , thus leaving there sides open and easier to kill. Most Tier 9 TD "Tort" drivers tend to corner themselves in a good spot making getting there sides very hard.  Also , the lower plate can and will be pinned and found most players found that out quick. Is it a good "TD" , well I loved it.  Just think more in the line of a assault gun or up close type tank.  Fights like the Russian tier 10 TD with all that armor and always in your face. Tank will give you many "Fun" games just flying around and catching weak tanks unaware of you.

   The French Heavy line is good and bad in away. The first new tank is a Tier 8 Heavy which I fell in love with. Tank has some great angles and you can get a bounce now and then. The guns is Good and a super gun but a gun you will like.  Then you get to the Tier 9 and the Tier 10 French Heavy's . Great well rounded tanks , which is a welcome site from World of tanks. Tanks have some good and some bad.  But my Biggest problem with those tanks are the "ARTWORK" or "Design's" of those tanks.  As an Artist myself , I feel they got lazy on the looks of the tanks. Both Tanks look and act the same , yes Tier 10's get bigger and better. But come on guys , You can make each tank different without breaking the bank.  We have already crossed the paper tank and made up take Design's so I feel it's just a little lazy for both tanks to look so close to each other.  The Tier 10 French Heavy is one tank that I will own.  I love the Turret and the gun of that tank.  Tanks moves ok  ,not anything to write home about but it moves along nice.

  I want to wish all my fallow Tanker's and World of Tanks a very nice Happy Thanksgiving.......  

Darkbee2Bee #2 Posted Nov 27 2017 - 21:41


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Thanks for sharing your feedback!


I look forward to this patch (The Badger in particular).  I just hope it goes without a hitch.  Their recent track record has been less than stellar.

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