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Window 10 v1709 - WoT Fails to run


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lewellan222 #61 Posted Jan 24 2018 - 20:41


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View PostCinciosky, on Jan 22 2018 - 00:23, said:

This just worked for me:

Copied from EU WoT post-


This seems to work for me:


Create a .bat file in game folder containing the following text and use it to start the game:


@echo off
start WorldOfTanks.exe -clientGraphicsAPI d3d9


Wondrous bytes and their mysterious ways.

Tanks to my son Spock for correcting my errors in logic!


U can create a .bat file in Notepad and save it as .bat


Nope, didn't work for me. Game still crashes on "Loading the garage..."

lewellan222 #62 Posted Jan 24 2018 - 20:54


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Reminder: My problem was game crashes on "Loading the garage..." (and ONLY there)...


FOUR WEEKS in with a ticket with the devs, and STILL no solution. I'd post the thread of my convo with them, but it's too long to cut and paste. 


They have me trying EVERYTHING. We were pinging the various IPs of theirs, we did clean reinstall of the game, and the drivers, they had me downloading and running utilities I'd never heard of, and even their new Beta for WGCheck (that logs the process of running their games) and they cannot find anything that is causing this. 


I have two brand new gaming rigs from Alienware, both slightly different but running the powerful GeForce 1080, and BOTH of these rigs crash the game at the same time. I have an older gaming computer (much slower graphics) and the game runs fine.


It's a mystery.

Steel_Borer #63 Posted Jan 26 2018 - 04:33


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Seems I'm now having the same issue. Can someone at Wargaming tell me what version of flash or PhisX you use because it might be due to a recent Flash update along with NVidia's update, not just a windows update. I'm getting DCOM errors for a call to something Windows security Center doesn't like and Hard-Cutoff of pc power. Discharge the system, power switch or plug for 10 sec, and all is well except no more wargaming.net games will work. I've spent Hundreds of dollars over the last few years to play imho good online games, WOW is the other as well as both betas. I've a ticket in so if I find out anything, I'll get back here to post an update to this issue. 1/26/2018: Reinstalled Win10, reinstalled the games (WOT & WOW, both 'broke;) disabled Windows Update Service and uninstalled Upgrade Assistant, rolled everything back for ANY updates on Win10 seems to be working. Also, run a 970 EVGA graphics using the latest 365.xx drivers. Also, reinstalled ALL DirectX versions 9 - 11 and selected DX9 in video setting of the game, set NVidia setting to Full Screen and checked the box, so far so good. Note: when you disable Windows Updater in Services, make sure you set it to 'Take No Action' and set the  first instance number to 365 (1 year). If you don't, reboot and the updater will come back on. I'm trying everything I know short of going back to Windows7 (8 is a basterdized hybrid I will never use or support).

1/27/2018 UPDATE:
Well, it took me 3 days but I figured out the problem; it's thermal! Seems my EVGA GTX 970 would be told to not turn the fans on like it used to. Not sure if it's something with NVidias' driver (using 388.13; happened the same with 390.65), if it might be something in code from your game (sorry, it's still a variable), or something with a thermal sensor or default setting on my card. Having to use their PrecisionX OC software, changed the 'curve part so it turns on quicker and faster, to ensure and monitor Temp and Fan speed as the game runs. Never had to do that before, so something has changed or broke.
Right now I'm using SD client, windowed and recommended 'high' setting. Am going to try and progressively add the higher settings, full screen, eventually going to the HD client full settings which my system will easily handle; since it's what I've been using since I built this rig. Not sure if this helps, at dry-dock screen, my video card temp is 62C@60% fan speed. In WOT, it's 58C@52% fan speed in the middle of a heated battle. WOW seems a bit high at idle so to speak. Worth checking into.

Hope this might help some who are having issues for those where it 'dies' once connected. Sill hesitant to allow Win10 to upgrade to 1079, don't want a tablet operating system on a desktop gaming pc which is probably why some programs won't run after upgrade or will have to be fully reloaded.

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