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Frustration with WGNA customer support

Map bug customer support customer service map glitch boosting

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R_Jeezy #1 Posted Dec 03 2017 - 14:29


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Here is a replay from a game I had on Windstorm the other day:




You can see starting around 8:15 what happens with the Grille - it is spotted, not behind any cover, and well within my render range, yet I cannot get an outline on it when I hover over it with the reticle. Shortly after that not only myself but numerous other tanks on my team are shooting at the Grille and our shells are exploding on thin air without hitting or damaging the Grille. This seems like a major map design bug, as the Grille is in one of the "black" areas of the map that WG were supposed to have removed access to a while back, and I have heard they did this with "invisible walls", which could have explained what was going on in this situation.


I placed a ticket and attached the replay above, with a good description of where to start looking, what the bug was, and what I imagined was the cause. I received a generic copy-paste reply about how spotting and view range mechanics work. So I re-opened the ticket, replied again with a description of what was going on and a reply that I am very familiar with the spotting and view range mechanics of the game, and that this had nothing to do with those and was in fact a genuine map bug.


WG's second response was to state that they apologized for my frustrations, have peformed an investigation, and are unable to inform me what actions they are taking against the player in question(?!), and point me to their FAQ regarding game rules violations :(


The point behind the ticket was not to get the Grille player in trouble, it was merely to point something out that they may have overlooked on the Windstorm map. The generic copy-paste replies are rather disappointing, and give the impression that they don't even bother reading or watching an attached replay when a player sends them a ticket to review.

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Sbourdon #2 Posted Dec 03 2017 - 16:24


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looks like a map problem to me 


MagillaGuerilla #3 Posted Dec 03 2017 - 18:20


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You should have just asked them to forward it to the devs. Customer support doesn't do maps.

ArmorStorm #4 Posted Dec 03 2017 - 19:17


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I did a training room to look at that issue.  The problem is that those trees are only visible from the town side and that they are coded as boulders or something.  You cannot shoot or be shot from behind those trees and they block vision for the Grille as well as hiding him from tanks below.  If they just changed them to a wall or boulder formation there would be no confusion.  Not a useful spot really, unless you just want to hide, I didn't check to see how tall they are, if arty can fire into that nest or not.  

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