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[Supertest] New Tier 8 Soviet LT - T-44 ltwt

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Kehox #21 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 00:52

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(Base Value )


New Tier 8 Soviet LT - T-44 ltwt :






DPM ( 2,250 above other in the comparaison )

Engine power ( above other in the comparaison )

Armor : 90/75/45 Hull , 120/90/75 Turret ( over all other light )


Bad :


Poor premium Penetration

Dispersion: 0.40 

Turret traverse

Engine health ( keep your repair kit ;)

Terrain resist 


with the actual stat... this is not an insta-buy...

Blackhorse_One_ #22 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 03:57


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Great ....


More fantasy crap ...


GG, WG ... keep on sawing at your own neck ... :sceptic:

Avalon304 #23 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 08:12


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View PostThePigSheFlies, on Apr 09 2018 - 16:35, said:

0.4 dispersion with low penetration and a map meta featuring 3 lanes with over buffed heavies and assault td's makes me scratch my head over who the presumed audience is for this tank.


on top of that, with the T100LT losing a crew member vs. the earlier tiers I am curious of the crew layout for this tank.  ideally the tank itself should be a 'meta tank' for a competitive game mode, and/or train crews for a tank that has the same layout.


take the Type 64 at tier 6.  it has an unneeded 5th crew member that is worthwhile keeping in it because the tank itself is fun enough to pub in, as well as being competitive as a tier 6 meta tank for strong holds.


regardless, I cannot compare to the two tanks in question because you have only offered them in the premium shop, and almost always in an over bundled offering - a tactic that has precluded me from acquiring the tanks in question as I refuse to chase those carrots.  (and, since they're also only in the premium shop, I can't even try them out in test)



But you can compare it to other tier 8 LTs that you may have played (and then also compare those to the two tanks mentioned):




Crew of 4, with the commander pulling double duty as Radio Op. (Which makes it better suited to the T-100 LT than it does the LTTB or T-54 LT as far as crew training).



Anublister #24 Posted Apr 11 2018 - 01:40


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Sorry to deviate, I wish we could have a Japanese Lt tank line, although I'm sure a soviet tier 8 lt tank would be welcome.:bush:

Redbeardws6 #25 Posted Apr 25 2018 - 23:25


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When ever this is released you have my money Wargaming been waiting too long for high tier Russian light.   Please Release soon or are you waiting for a new GF tank Hmmmm

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