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2017 Holiday Ornament Contest!

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CabbageMechanic #21 Posted Jan 05 2018 - 22:40

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Hey Tankers,

WoT PC Finalists were shown for the first time on yesterday's stream (@10:10), and we have a gallery for you now (though you've already seen some of them!):

First up, Josies_boy with a very thematic piece of Christmas Tree camouflage:

Trip_hammered and Tripreed with some nice ceramic work:


_Thurm_ got the 3d printer hot and made an awesome diorama with some flourishes of detail:


And RulerofPigs 3M-framed "Holiday Hummel" (p.s: Meathead's bonbons were intercepted by NikoPower, the candy conflict is escalating but I think it's safe to say your favorite holiday treat is a hit)

Bonus shot inside the crew compartment, which features christmas light shells sorted by color for different types!  Nice touch!

Gen_Grant mixing up with the materials with some neat metal work on his Merry Christ"maus"

Internal voting is still going on, and the Community Poll will be posted in this thread when it is live.  Thanks so much for your submissions, your hobby skills honor us!

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Groogrux_Lite #22 Posted Jan 06 2018 - 00:06


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Thought wargaming said they would post a pic of all the entries??  

mlinke #23 Posted Jan 07 2018 - 23:01

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You did not even open all ornaments, did you? And did not even see photo ones we send?

Gutentag #24 Posted Jan 08 2018 - 18:08


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View Postmlinke, on Jan 07 2018 - 17:01, said:

You did not even open all ornaments, did you? And did not even see photo ones we send?


In the video around 34:00 they mention that they will put all the entries on facebook sometime next week for us to vote on.  Not sure what we get from the voting as they mention the ones shown the are people that will get premium time, so its their personal favorites.  Maybe the ones shown get 30 days and the winners of the voting get 7 days?  

Cost me $15 to send the 2 entries in, not counting materials and time.  Hopefully they appreciate the ornaments and reward accordingly.  Otherwise I'll just put the money towards the loot boxes next year.

Mokarran #25 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 10:18


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@CabbageMechanic, would be nice to see the return of the Creative Tank Design Contest after the Holiday Contests.  :D

Gen_Grant #26 Posted Jan 14 2018 - 20:57


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RulerOfPigs #27 Posted Yesterday, 02:06 AM


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When will we find out who the official winners are?


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