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Match Maker Says... M4 mle. 45 = T29

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dunniteowl #41 Posted Dec 07 2017 - 22:58


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View Postg4143, on Dec 07 2017 - 05:14, said:

Fact: WarGaming re balances the field all the time(just check the updates)... Why would WarGaming re balance the field if its fair? No one has even attempted to answer that simple question.

Fact: I'm not the only one who has raised the points that this tank needs to be buffed.... https://www.youtube....h?v=sbUgKOulG6U, Case in point: 3 sec aim time in a slow, big, poorly armoured tank isn't a recipe for success.

Fact: This forum just attacks posters instead of addressing the points.


Fact: stating facts out of contextual reference does nothing to bolster your case.  

Fact: stating facts that are not then used in a logical manner to make one's point is not useful.

Fact: stating facts does not automatically make you right.

Fact: stating facts can be useful if you use those facts in a logical and consistent manner.


Opinion:  War Gaming is 'balancing' vehicles all the time, because it isn't easy to get it right the first time.  Because, even after Sand Box testing, the general release of a digitally made product like a tank means that it is now out of alpha and in true beta.


There are over 400 units in this game.  You think that, within the same lines, different nations of the same class and tier and different classes of units won't be impacted, sometimes harmfully for game balance purposes, by that new introduction?  These things are not so great, though, to warrant all your FACTS to add up to anything really wrong with the tanks you are talking about and (please pay close attention to this part) THEY ARE NOT DOING THIS TO MAKE THEM EVEN, THE SAME OR ACTUALLY EQUAL.at all.


Opinion:  I don't think you have remotely made your initial case.  In short, from what I see, you haven't really made a statement of what the problem actually is, in your view.  Additionally, you have done nothing more than spit out WG docs without regard to what the issues/differences are that you are complaining about, exactly.  Moreover, when folks respond to you, there has yet to be a response back from you that helps clear that up.  Thus, we are left to guess at what you are complaining about and do our best to sort out what it is you are really carping about in this manner.


That you are so confused to begin with, that you cannot properly place your complaint in clear language with a point, who could possibly wonder that you don't understand the responses you have gotten so far?  You're completely out of your depth and you know it.  You just don't realize that you'd be better off just asking some questions and clearing up your position instead of attempting to defend something none of us have really been told what it is yet.


How about you start over and re-explain what it is that has your shorts so twisted you're singing soprano? 

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