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LemmingRush Vid.

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Guest_Dukebarry_* #61 Posted Dec 07 2017 - 21:39

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Sorry Bill T your wrong. I added the Over Tank Markers mod back in beta. We had to add the code to the game files manualy. 


Lets not let WGNA continue to ignore this blatent violation.

NoobisMaxis #62 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 06:39


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Checked again few minutes ago and person still playing n Exec of the clan.  Put on your hip waders and plug your nose ladies n gentlemen because the BS is thick and foul!

IndianaDel #63 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 08:05


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If Wargaming do not act against this cheater, as well as any others, I will be forced to the conclusion that they condone the said cheating.
This should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet


Icedragon1968 #64 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 14:57


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OK let's lay a few things out:-


1) The account that was using the illegal mods on stream is currently not in any clan and hasn't played any games since it was busted. (There is no indicators on the clan search page that the account is banned or suspended though, going off seeing other banned accounts on there)

2) The new XO in 11_AD Whilst we can be presumptive and assume it is the same guy with another account (prior knowledge of his activities would make this a reasonably safe assumption) we cannot prove it is the same guy.

3) 11_AD is bleeding members as those that are not sock puppet accounts and have some integrity are leaving as they catch up with this sh*tstorm

4) Illegal Mods have been around for ever and as with any game/software the people who have no morals will always work around any protection the developers will put in place. It's a never ending circle that is always a game of catch up.

5) WG will never make comment on individual accounts, but in such a public instance like this I think that WG need to make an exception as best they can to allay the anger in the player base about this incident.


Personally I think that this needs to be dropped on the forums and taken to the ticket system, this individual clearly has no respect for the amount of money he is prepared to blow on the game going by the amount of accounts he is prepared to buy on Ebay and I suspect he is enjoying all the attention he is receiving right now and clearly has littler else positive in his life so he wants online attention to make him feel better about himself.

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