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Radman_Art 2018

Radman_art 2018 2017 art tank artist

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2ndAD2015MPD #1 Posted Dec 06 2017 - 14:52


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I have begun working on my new art series to begin in 2018 here: radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com/ I will be creating art in the Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso vain; of photos I took around the my town, when I attended photography class in college; under Professor Byrd Williams. I will drawing the art by hand with my old scratched up; 4 inch by 6 inch tablet and basic low end stylus, in a surrealist style. Right now I am working on horses, cows and my dog. I may just end up creating art from images of trees and landscapes. I do want to do some art from the local tank on display here in town; but probably may not. I took this photo of myself this morning for my family, thought I would share it here and here: radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com/



I showed this photo to every family member I could via email. Everyone

of them said basically: why no smile? I said in reply to every email in gest:

I do not smile for photo's I take of myself; because smiling is uncool.


Damien Rice - Older chests - YouTube



Like time, there's always time
On my mind
So pass me by, I'll be fine
Just give me time
Time, there's always time
On my mind
Pass me by, I'll be fine
Just give me time


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