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My long road to 50%

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Plays_With_Matches #41 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 19:47


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View Post_Promote_Synergy_, on Dec 07 2017 - 13:32, said:


When you cross the 2k overall the focus goes up much higher. MUST kill 2k win8 playerzzzz


I'm working on it... but that marathon mission last month really put a dent in my progress. However, in my quest for the German damage I did discover the Leopard PTA and I am really loving that tank. I'm still running it now for the tier 9/10 tank rewards missions. It's pretty easy to hit top 3 XP with the PTA

The_Pushok #42 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 19:51

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Yea, that is my goal, along with getting my WN8 to 1000. I have been going in reverse though this week, dipped below the 46% WR.

TankGremlin #43 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 21:23


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View PostSmirkingGerbil, on Dec 07 2017 - 16:28, said:

Congrats! However, the better you get, the more you will have to carry, but someone has to do it.

Funny how that works, I noticed that too, the better I got the more I have to carry... I'm still not that good at this game, but holding a steady 51.39% wr at 32k battles now...

Bubba187 #44 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 21:52


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View PostMajorRenegade, on Dec 07 2017 - 08:25, said:

It been a long road to improving my stats when you already have 15k battles under your belt(47% wr/ 700wn8). I wasn't a red Tomato by choice, it was just a lack of good hardware to run the game. Back then, I was used to playing with a bad computer most of that time and I barely get 2-10fps out of it. Which was a huge major impact on my gameplay. But sometime 3 year ago, i had enough and brought a new and better cheap laptop for that was able to play Wot at 25-30fps on average. My god, i didn't realize how much I was missing out so much back then. So for next 3 long years, i drove myself to push my overall out of the red tomato hell hole. And this week I finally push that sweet 50% barrier :deer:.


But I even still have problems with this laptop, there are a lot of times where I have to take long range shots, but the fps always drops as I zoom in or in sniper mode. So as a result, i been missing and wasting good shots I should of gotten often.


Now my next goal is to build me a new desktop in the next 4-5 months that can play Wot on full settings at 60fps or more(got to save up money).  And hoping that will push my recent into the purple easily and overall to blue. But i can dream. Heck I thought about rerolling countless times and Im glad I didn't :medal:.



Now cheers for the next 3 years of great gameplay(if the game still exist......).



My road to the same result was significantly longer due to bad.  Just hit it at 40k games+/-.  It was a stupid long road from 47% to 50%.  I was about 47% at 17k.  That's when I started thinking about and trying to get better.  I have a long road to go before good.


Side note, if I ever do get good, I will have many thousands of games to camo my XVM.  I doubt I'll ever see 1600 overall.

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