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10,000 games thoughts, tips, and suggestions

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SinisterMist #1 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:27


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I played my 10,000th game earlier today. If the average game takes 5 minutes, I've spent nearly 35 days playing tanks. That's over a month. And that doesn't include time spent in the garage, training rooms, forums, and youtube. I, and anyone who's played this many games has made a serious time commitment to the game. We can look at the difference that makes. The first line I started was the American medium line, however I then went down the T1 heavy route. The first tank I unlocked was the M2 light tank. I have 19 battles with 0 wn8. The M2 medium with the 75mm derp has 39 wn8 over 37 battles. It was somewhere around here, in the tier 3 range where I googled "How to get good at world of tanks" and found the forums. My improvement was not as fast as I would have liked, but I improved nonetheless. The forums told me noobs should go down the Soviet heavy line to the IS-7 which was my first tier X. By the end of that I was solidly green. It took about 4500 battles. Eventually I ground more tanks, more lines, until I heard the M48 Patton was being buffed and I finally decided to finish that line. I just recently bought it on the on-track and I find it fitting that my first tier X with purple wn8 is in the same line as a tank I have 39 wn8 in. Improvement is possible. It's not quick, it takes time, and it is frustrating, but it is possible.


Now for the things I've learned. There are sweet spots and tanks that will force you to learn skills. The tanks I really feel I learned the most with are:

The KV-1, T-150, E75, T20, M46 Patton, T37 and the T30.

The KV-1 tought me basic angling.

The T-150 taught me how to trade 1 for 1 with a better alpha gun.

The E75 taught me to use armor to trade 1  for 0.

The T20 taught me how to take shots of opportunity when the enemy isn't looking as well as out-trading mediums.

The M46 Patton taught me how to position myself to use it's dpm and (meh) pen to the fullest.

The T-37 taught me the basics of using a combat light (F U WG for the nerf)

The T30 taught me how to position myself in order to be safe and protected after taking a high alpha shot.


All of these things are important to learn. I have many more things to learn and look forward to picking them up to improve my game. You might find you'll learn these and other skills in different tanks than I've pointed out. That said, there are some general ideas. Mainly one. Avoid tier 8 like the plague. Tier IX and X tanks are too good and you see them too often. You can play well there, but it's a terrible place to learn. Other than that, tier 5-7 and 9 are great. Tier X if you're already a good player.


Now a few thoughts: 

Complaining about the game: There are facets of the game I personally think should be changed. Namely gold ammo and artillery. On the forums, I will be particularly vocal about it. During the game is not the time or the place. You won't make any changes during the game. When you die because you overextended, crying about gold ammo or artillery only makes you look stupid. Same with telling your team they suck. Either give helpful advice, or leave the match. What good comes from yelling at your teammates while you're dead? It doesn't change the fact that artillery exists, it doesn't balance gold ammo, it doesn't make your team suck less. Save your energy for killing the enemy in this battle, or the next. 


PMing players after the game: When your top tier heavy does 0 damage, it's certainly frustrating. But what do you expect will happen if you PM them? Either they're good enough to understand how to not die quickly next game in which case they don't need your help, or they're not good enough in which case your PM won't help them in the slightest because they're too bad to understand how to play better. If they're bad, you could politely offer to tutor them in the game, but it's going to come off as arrogant. 


On the other hand, PMing that guy on the other team who did 8k damage with 6 kills is great. Think about how good it feels to play that great match and then not only that, you have a guy notice and compliment you on it? This could make their day. Definitely good for the community and the game as a whole. 


Playing for fun: 

I will never understand how losing could be fun, but you have to recognize that not everyone shares your goals. Not everyone wants to put the time or effort into becoming purple (like me someone teach me how to be better please? :great:​)  Some people will always be red. Some people will plateau at green. Some people will forever be teal. Recognize that it is in fact ok, to be average (or below average, or any level of skill.) 



Do some research on your clan before you join. I've joined a few terrible clans with awful leadership or toxicity or just a total lack of activity. Make sure to join a clan that aligns with your goals. If you're just a social player, don't join a CW clan (Does VILIN accept teal recents? Asking for a friend... :P​) If you want to improve at the game, don't join a social "play4fun" clan. There are tons of clans out there, theres no hurry to get a tag. Pick one you like.


Finally, don't overplay the game. Tanks are fun, but take breaks. I had a bad habit of playing too much for a month or so and then just quitting for 3 months because I got sick of it. Then I would be rusty and have to relearn certain skills. Frustration happens, but taking a break usually gets it out of your system. Whether that's a 20 minute shower break or a week long vacation break. 


Good luck in your endeavors! I leave you with proof of improvement:

M48 Patton USA MT 10 137 53.28% 2734 903.94 1.63 1.36 81% 742 101649 Ace Tanker 2499
M2 Medium USA MT 3 37 45.95% 54 0 1.03 0.14 42% 114 4224 2nd Class 39


Da_Vinci #2 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:41

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I'm 33k games in and I still don't know how to play.


I've got more tanks below 50% winrate than above.

Good for you that you've figured out the trick to the game so early.


Also, it doesn't make much sense comparing a tier 10 with a tier 2.


I agree with most of your post. Please keep going out of your way to make someone happy about their game! This makes the community seem much friendlier and I would certainly enjoy playing with people who aren't toxic about losing. 


Keep having fun.

Arty_Did_Nothing_Wrong #3 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:42

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10 games thoughts:


Why do proving Ground matches count for stats?


DoctorThe19th #4 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:47


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View PostDa_Vinci, on Dec 07 2017 - 19:41, said:

I'm 33k games in and I still don't know how to play.


I've got more tanks below 50% winrate than above.


honestly I can play pretty decently, I know the basics.

 but stats don't matter to me really..

it's more about if I have fun in the tank I'm playing or not.

JEDI_RespectingWhamen #5 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 05:05


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Pretty good tips OP. I for one SERIOUSLY NEED TO CONSIDER taking breaks. The presence of RNG in this game can really push my buttons especially on days like today where I averaged 1.3k dpg in the 5A, THE BLOODY 5A! Taking a break could probably do wonders to my sanity and help my experience playing this game considerably... Also congratulating someone who played EXCEPTIONALLY is basically a given. Even you're salty out of your mind you should still congratulate someone who managed to single-handedly drag his team to a win. That takes a considerable amount of talent (usually) and someone like that should be praised/ watched (watching the player play shows you what they did right and how you can adjust your game to better yourself. I'm guilty of not congratulating players that deserve it, getting angry for no reason, and ruining others people's games because I was having a bad day. I sincerely apologize to whoever has to put up with me in a battle and I really want to be less toxic while playing this game. XD Sorry for that mini-rant, had to get that off my chest.

MMI_SPI #6 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 05:30

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I started improving when I found out that tanks aren't defined by their classes but by overall stats and knowing its capabilities. No point spotting for your team in a KV-3 (bad view range), holding a steamrolled flank with a Leo is suicide, just to name a few. I usually spend some times learning the strengths and weaknesses of the tank, and practice makes you better. I'm still learning, I consider myself a better-then-average player with occasionnal brainfarts and lack of timing/judgement. And sometimes I rage :(  Yeah! I plaid guilty too. 


Also, full stock tanks is a plague. When someone plays a stock tank, with stock tracks and limited weight that means it cannot mount any equipement... Its dead weight for the team. 


Common sense tip #1: Keep your free-XP to unlock modules on stock tanks, not to unlock The tank. Its a rule of thumb. Some tanks can still work when stock, but most are unbearable. 


Breaks are mandatory, I believe. I use to play once every week until this last summer. That's when I started grinding TankRewards tokens, and marathons and other free stuff... I burned myself, now I'm only logging for some clan events and looking at my garage most of the time. It's only when you stop that you realize how much time consuming it was! Setting goals is good, but don't get too greedy! I would have loved to grind the Foch 155, the FV215 and the FV 183 before they were removed, but I didn't even started any of these lines. Insane amount of grinding, so I let it go.



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