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IS-3 Tips?


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YANKEE137 #1 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:31


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Just unlocked it but looks like it needs 150,000 more xp to make it playable. While there are many vids on this tank they are all pretty old so I'm not sure that (for example) Jingles' 2012 review is applicable now.  Should I bother with optics? Which (earlier) guns are usable? I don't plan to play it until I can at least get some better gear unlocked.  Would love to read your advice.

Da_Vinci #2 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 04:37

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Old reviews are still useful. There was a buff (I think?) in recent patches, so just follow the advice from the reviews and you should be in good shape.

I wouldn't use optics on any russian heavies before tier 10.

Equipment: vents, vstab, rammer.

D-2-5T is useable but bad. 175 pen is not going to be too great, but can work if you go to positions that usually only medium tanks go to. 

Unlock the gun before the turret. 

Your side armor can be better than your front armor. Don't over angle your front. The more you angle, the more damage you'll take and the ammo rack is near the tracks (I think? - or on the side like the IS7).

Don't wait until your aiming reticle is fully focused to shoot. The shells typically hit the target if you're within 200m, the range that you should be using this tank at.


Hope this helps.

TsarCidron #3 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 05:01


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On this tank, the old vids are still very viable.  Its still a decent or better VIII. Its still a staple there, one of the more reliable tanks at that tier.

Watch the angling of the front.  Remember, you do have a pike front, meaning angling may actually be to your detriment sometimes.

It can be a frustrating tank to fight against, as it is "just fast enough" and has enough punch and armor to do most jobs, and that turret slope (dome) makes penning it a pain.  In hills or dunes that may be all you get to shoot at too.


More than a few times I have gotten frustrated at shooting at the dome on a hill or dune (as thats all I can see) and then try to charge in, out of frustration, only to get blasted by it while bouncing off the pike front.


CedricMacLaren #4 Posted Dec 08 2017 - 05:05


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One thing to remember is that rather large spot above the gun on the turret is easily overmatched. It is only 30 mm or so thick. 

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