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Operation Gambit- Bonds Situation

Operation Gambit Campaigns wot Bonds

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skychan #81 Posted Dec 30 2017 - 03:09


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Let me figure out how this goes,

Let's see, average battle is ~10 min

Being generous I see all 10's or Grand Battles ~50% of the time

I am in a winning game about ~50% of the time.

I can get say ~8 bonds a game.

So 40 minutes 8 bonds, 10 minutes 2 bonds, 5 minutes a bond.

I still need 1300 bonds

6500 minutes

~110 hours

30 days left

~3-4 hours of grinding tier 10's a day, EVERY day. 


I just finished a 30 day grind, it's how I got the chance to buy a tank. 

Now I have to do another 30 day grind to get it?


This is absolutely crap.  If I do manage to grind them out I'll be so sick of playing WOT and tier 10's that I'll probably just quit playing entirely for a month.  I certainly won't want to play any campaigns again, not if it is Grind for the campaign and then grind for the tank after.

It isn't a reward its a penalty that now forces me to grind 3 hours a day or my first 90 hours is wasted

The_Wild_Weasel #82 Posted Jan 04 2018 - 18:44

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WG dropped the ball and basically gave us the middle finger...... on the whole bond issue for a prize tank we won.


solution ...close wallet / i turned grand battle off and refuse to play ranked garbage

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