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Update 9.21: Bugs & Issues

bugs issues feedback fv217 badger customization AMX M4 mle. 54 Klondike

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cbm10121 #181 Posted Feb 01 2018 - 16:42


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No one experiencing the stop/go, stop/go moving forward and backward with your tank like the engine in the tank is broken?  I have 60-75 fps with no lag.  What is going on?


Beyond the matchmaker providing horribly unbalanced games, I would still try to play, but cannot until wargaming support fixes this problem with my game.


I already play way less and am not spending any more money on the game, but may have to quit, which is a shame, because I just purchased an expensive gaming PC and 4k monitor from Newegg in preparations for the new HD maps.


Also, its getting REALLY OLD not having the spotting mechanics working properly (intermittently) now for about 6 months.

Tank_Destroyer_2001 #182 Posted Feb 02 2018 - 23:42


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Found a bug on Sand River, invisible bit of land under my tank really messed me up.

Edit: Sorry, new to the forums. How do I upload a screenshot?


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Omikse #183 Posted Feb 04 2018 - 06:43


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Running and I can get 1 battle in , but after the when I go to start a new battle it crashes to desktop. I close it out and restart the game start to get back into the battle and crashes to desktop again. If I shut the game off for about an hour, I can get one battle in and then crash

Theharlequin19 #184 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 22:18


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Bug report, on 9.21.0739, just applied my discounts from Christmas last night and bought the PZ 2 with 100% discount. When I went to load it in my garage, my client  stops working and gives me the close program prompt about a second after i click the tank. Relaunch and test all the other tanks in my garage and had it crash again when I attempted to load my Tetrarch, also tier 2. Every other tank in my garage tiers 1 and 3-8 are fine.

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