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3 marks of excellence, T57 Heavy SPECIAL EDITION

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ThePigSheFlies #21 Posted Jan 13 2018 - 18:25


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View PostGriffon327327, on Jan 13 2018 - 11:14, said:

got 3 marks in my tier 5 T1 heavy didn't even notice it just happened


when you dont own premium or spam gold or use cola etc,, stuff like marks of excellence wither hapen or dont no use getting worked up about it


specially when you gotta actually check to see if wargaming froze marks this week or next etc.. I know its working cause i got 2 marks in a tank yesterday but don't remember which cause 2 marks is pretty common to get by accident



you can look at wotzilla and then sorting by "gun marks".  you have 7 tanks that are two marked.




congrat's to xeraux, my biggest issue with 3 marking is how easily tilted I am by map design and rotation.  marking for the sake of marking is what keeps a lot of the game's top player base still playing, but I never really found that to be enough of a reason to keep logging on.  rather, it felt more like work

spud_tuber #22 Posted Jan 13 2018 - 20:27


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I've a few questions, if you don't mind answering.

You said you deliberately played when MM was more likely to give you 3/5/7 matches.  What particular reason(s) would you prefer that format over say 15/0/0 where there's more HP to farm?  Do these reasons change based on the tank you're trying to 3 mark.  If you hadn't been able to metagame to increase your odds of the match format you wanted, how much more difficult would it have been to get the 3rd mark?

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