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What exactly is the point of different tank classes?

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justuss #1 Posted Dec 15 2017 - 06:00


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Arty_Did_Nothing_Wrong #2 Posted Dec 15 2017 - 06:05

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But yet anyone who ACTUALLY plays at high tiers, and tier 10 lights in particular would tell you they are underpowered because their DPM and accuracy is horrible, their viewrange is NOT better than most mediums, and the camo bonus is negligible at best... not to mention LT APCR standard rounds at tier 10 lose 25% of their penetration at ranges up to 500 meters, more than any other class, or tier in the game...


There is a reason Light Tanks are not used in Clan Wars, or if they are, it is a T-100 LT simply for the fact that it is small, fast, and has BS camo... No one uses it for firepower, and even then it has the worst viewrange of all the tier 10 Light Tanks...


You know why WG designed Light Tanks that way? I'll tell you, it's because they can't design a good map for scouting anymore, so they shifted Light Tanks from scouts to micro Mediums... They tried giving Light Tanks worse guns, and better viewrange and mobility to turn them into scouts, but no, almost at the last minute they not only worsened the guns, they made the viewrange on par, or less than same tier medium tanks at tiers where true scout play matters...


But you wouldn't know this because your highest tank is tier 5... Light Tanks don't become "Broken" as you seem to think until tier 8+...

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riversteel #3 Posted Dec 15 2017 - 06:08

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I think so.

raymee101 #4 Posted Dec 15 2017 - 08:04

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Sorry but you look foolish when you say lights dont have the advantage, I always outspot mediums with my lights, they are FAR better than mediums at spotting at tier 10.  Its not even close, the camo is actually amazing and so is the spotting.  Stop looking at just numbers and actually play them and you will see how much better they are at spotting other tanks, its not even close.  

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