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Tank 2017

Tank Cartoony funny pvp fun game toon goofy free

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BeNsAeI #1 Posted Dec 16 2017 - 07:31


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Back in 2014 I posted a topic called Toon tanks (you can find it here) In this topic I created series of goofy looking tank models that I though looked good. Well, I have been expanding it and boy I have a treat for you guys! I decided to turn it into a 2 player local multiplayer game. It is free, open source and made using openGL and C++. No unity or any other game engine was used. Download links at the very bottom:

Download from one of the following and give me feed back on it!

My website



So here is a bit that is world of tanks forum policy and I respect it so lets mention the following Items: 

The following items are to clear any issues with forum policies section 2.3: PROHIBITIONS and RESTRICTIONS / Advertising

I am not here to solicit any non-beneficial, non- World of Tanks related businesses, organizations, or websites.

- This is simple a fan art

- This is just a fun project I have been working on because I really like world of tanks

- This project by no means meant to take away audience from world of tanks or encourage players to stop playing world of tanks. It is just a fun project to share with players

- Again, this is a free and opensource game and in no shape or form it does not contain any monetized feature or monetary value.

- This game is not developed by any company, group or publisher, it is my own work and is meant for computer graphics and AI developers to have a platform for learning.

- Everyone is encouraged to try it out and I am just looking for feedback for my personal work

- I am by no mean advertising this as a product to compete with world of tanks. (seriously chill!)

- I am by no mean distributing this game for profit. Please, do not distribute this game for profit.


3.3 Links and Images:

- The images are all made by me and is complaint with forums rules and regulations.



If my content is against any of the forums regulations or rules, please let me know so I take it down immedietly


Adalbertt #2 Posted Dec 16 2017 - 07:46


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No premium store?

BeNsAeI #3 Posted Dec 16 2017 - 07:49


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Haha, nah! This took me a weekend to make :P I'll take me months to have anything like that

BeNsAeI #4 Posted Dec 17 2017 - 07:54


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Ah I forgot to post this:
** This game is a two player local PVP game **

Important notes:
*Compatibility for Windows:
- This game currently suports nVidia and AMD graphics cards only. so make sure to launch the game on those highperformance graphic cards.
*Compatibility for Linux:
- Work on all systems
*depending on your graphics card, the game might take a while to load. be patient since it does not have a loading screen yet.

Yellow Tank:
- Hull Movement: W,A,S,D
- Turret Movement: E,Q
- Fire: F/Space
- Smoke: C

Blue Tank:
- Hull Movement: I,J,K,L Alternative: 8,4,5,6
- Turret Movement: U,O Alternative: 7,9
- Fire: H  Alternative:0/Enter
- Smoke: N  Alternative: .

- Navigate Menu: Arrow Keys  or W,A,S,D
- Select menu item: Enter
- Reset Game: G
- Speed Up game: +
- Slow down Game: -
- Exit: Esc

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