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DDS File Opening and Saving Help

DDS DDS Plugin Skin Editing WoT Reskinning

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JLdragon #1 Posted Dec 17 2017 - 23:52


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ok so Been trying to find some details on how to save each file in the skin folders.

First of all I use Photoshop CC 2015 ( no I do NOT Like using gimp or  Paint.net). Been using photoshop and paintshop for years.

I have NVIdia DDS plugins installed.

Opening the files set to DXT1 4bit no alpha channel or mipmaps.

With Tier 4+ tanks there are usually 3-6 Files pending on tank types.

Chassis, guns, hull, Turret1 and Turret2.

Lets use "A05_M4_Sherman​" for example. it has Chassis, gun, hull, turret1 and turret2 file association. M4 Thunderbolt Proxy File too.

there is sometimes a 6th file in some tank folders known as proxy.. same question goes for this file association as well?


Tank FIle Name DXT1, 3,4,5 4bpp Alpha Channels Generate MipMap Use Existing Mip Map
M4_Sherman_chassis_01_AM which one ? Yes or No yes or no Yes or No


How should I OPEN each file to Edit?

How should I SAVE each file?


So if any of you can "Fill in the box" so to speak of how each file should be saved it would be greatly appreciated.

From what I read its usually better to stick with DXT1 to keep the file sizes same or smaller to save WoT program from using more memory / FPS while in battle etc..


MajorRenegade #2 Posted Dec 18 2017 - 00:28


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I save it as DXT2 and Generate mipmaps. But before you save it, you need to remove the old mipmap layers and keep the main surface layer

JLdragon #3 Posted Dec 18 2017 - 00:49


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for the Nvidia Plugin. IIRC it does not list DXT2 as an option. and do you save all them with Mipmaps?
as far removing old mipmaps. when and if I choose Generate Mipmap it will create new ones from the Main layer that I have edited.
But I would love for some1 to give more detail answer per file name / DDS.
I have been doing a lot of searching on this. some sites say no Mipmaps on Tracks / guns. Thinking either a lot of animation for game to try to load and generate at long distances, or not significant enough to worry about as well as just more for game to read.
Some say as above. generate Mipmaps for all. which I have tried but began to notice game taking longer to load to garage, battle, and also when in battle start getting FPS issues as well as some split second freeze ups when zooming in on tanks that I have reskinned.
What I am wanting to do is edit ALL the tank skins and Slightly increase their coloration some so they aren't so DULL to look at. Nothing extreme or drastic.
Will post a cple examples shortly what I want to achieve.

Milkym4n #4 Posted Dec 18 2017 - 01:22

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Save AM, GMM and ID maps as DTX1 and the rest as DTX5 since they use alpha channels.


DTX1 RGB 4bpp | no alpha

  • #_AM.dds
  • #_GMM.dds
  • #_ID.dds


DTX5 ARGB 8bpp | interpolated alpha

  • #_ANM.dds
  • #_AO.dds


Always generate MipMaps except for textures with "_hd" suffixes. HD textures don't need any MipMaps.

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JLdragon #5 Posted Dec 18 2017 - 01:30


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ok recolored the American Tank Destoyer, M36-Slagger (AKA Jackson)

Here is an idea of what I want to do ALL the tanks eventually in the current game.. (Hence why I would like the correction Information)

Current Version Images.


My Version that I want to achieve. I am using a simple color Enhancement plugin in Photoshop to slightly boost their colors to beautify them..


So Hopefully If anyone who definitely knows the Original details of each DDS file, how they should be opened to be edited, and how they each should be saved, It would be greatly appreciated so that I can fully beautify all tanks correctly.

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JLdragon #6 Posted Dec 18 2017 - 02:38


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well managed to get my DDS Plugin to show back up when I attempt to load any .DDS files into photoshop.. I selected default and load mipmaps.. from what it loaded.. all of the .DDS Tank skin files loaded mipmaps chassis, guns, hull, and turrets, and proxy image file. So it seems that when I goto save these files after editing.
I think it should be -
Save as DDS - DXT 1 4bpp no alpha, and select Generate Mipmap. NOT "use existing mipmap"
Now what I am NOT sure of... is the alpha channel thing.. but from what I have been searching on it is. if you want to add shine, semi transparent camo, etc.. then the alpha channel thing might apply.
Otherwise I'm guessing no alpha as Milkym4n stated above.
If any of you using the Nvidia DDS plugin and you do NOT see the DDS dialogue when you open it.. Follow these instructions to renable it for each DDS you want to open
1. select new. any image format is fine.
2. select "Save as" choose DDS ofc.
3. when the Nvidia dialogue pops up. Click the Read Config button.
4. save the blank image.. then reopen it.. the Dialogue should be back.
and if you do NOT see either if you HAVE the DDS plugin and you use the Nvidia Installer, then I would suggest uninstall the plugin via your programs / features, restart then reinstall.
Seems I just need to experiment and mess around with the plugin to answer what I asked here.. and thank Milkym4n for added help and file saving information as well.. hopefully this post will help others in the future.

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