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In-Game Emblem Mission Rewards Errors

Emblem Emblems Mission Rewards Missions In-Game Goods

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ThatTrafficCone #1 Posted Dec 20 2017 - 02:34


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While not necessarily a bug, something was certainly overlooked by WarGaming with the implementation of the new cosmetics system with Patch 9.21.


Emblems (and inscriptions) purchased through the new cosmetics system, like camouflage, do not retain through the seasonal layers. So if you'd like to put a certain emblem on your tank, you'd need to purchase it three times, one for each season. While I like this as it adds more to the customization, missions that reward special emblems only reward one of them. For instance, if I'd like to put the "Tank Mastery" emblem on a tank, I'm only rewarded with 1 of them. As they cannot be purchased, I should at least be rewarded with 3 so that way I can put one on my tank for each season. I learned that today after competing the Type 5 Heavy Mastery mission. :(


If this could be fixed soon, that'd be great.

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