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2 Reward Tanks

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Poll: Make 2 reward tanks available for Those with the means (104 members have cast votes)

Make 2 reward tanks available

  1. Yes (43 votes [41.35%])

    Percentage of vote: 41.35%

  2. No (61 votes [58.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 58.65%

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thandiflight #21 Posted Dec 21 2017 - 11:51


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To be perfectly honest there are only 2 reasons to have a clan wars reward tank: 1) the Object 907; and 2) you are a “collector”. If for some reason you have an uncontrollable desire to waste you hard-earned bonds on anything other than the 907 then that is something that maybe you should be able to do outside of a campaign anyway. If a player accumulated sufficient bonds to purchase an award tank they are probably more deserving of an award tank than somebody who has played the minimum battles but is a member of a clan that earned the multipliers. This does not mean that the latter does not deserve the tank. Playing ranked battles is cancer anyway - so getting something other that advanced equipment and directives is not an unreasonable suggestion imho.

the_dude_76 #22 Posted Dec 21 2017 - 16:15


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View Post_ProtossMaster_Synergy_, on Dec 21 2017 - 10:03, said:


This event is endgame content. If a player really.. really.. wants a reward tank but is not a solid player, getting to the top 3000 isn't hard.. However u will need to spend a bunch of time grinding bonds after the event to get the tank. Reward tanks were supposed to be hard to obtain and rare for top players in top clans. This increases the drive for players to grind the appropiate tanks and get good at the game to obtain the tank.



What is [edited] up in this campaign is the only real reward is the tank, camos are kinda meh after 9.21. Gold and bond rewards are useless.


Lets talk about the gold first.. For most clans, you would get more gold playing wargames every weekend than the gold during the campaign (for the time spent). IIRC other campaigns had gold from provinces, allowing clans to atleast get gold if they didn't get the tank.


Now lets talk about bonds. I played 128 battles during this event, getting 4500 bonds(900 bonds with a x5 multiplier). this means im averaging about 36 bonds per CW game, lol. I would've gotten more bonds for the time spent grinding 10s in pubs. Would've made massive bank in bonds if i spent that time in ranked battles. So for the time spent, bonds is very mediocre.


Therefore the only reward is to obtain the tank.


This is all very interesting but I have no clue what it has to do with my point. If you don't keep the plebs happy they will stop playing, without the plebs the game goes away. You do understand that WG is a business right?


Block Quote

 Reward tanks were supposed to be hard to obtain and rare for top players in top clans.


And I'd love to see your source on this...


The_Toastmaster_General #23 Posted Dec 21 2017 - 18:15


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View Post_Zero_Synergy_, on Dec 20 2017 - 13:22, said:

So i see a lot of people struggling to get enough bonds for the reward tank. However, what are you going to do for the people that have plenty? I personally will have almost 10000 bonds tomorrow. Would it be possible to get two reward tanks? This personally is my first campaign that i have taken a part of and i would like to have the possibility of having more than one reward tank because i have the bonds to do so. I would really value this as a devoted WoT player.


Not so subtle 10k bond brag post. Oh and:


_Bass #24 Posted Dec 21 2017 - 19:04


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I no longer care.

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Psychopinoy #25 Posted Dec 30 2017 - 04:39


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Make it so. I will happily grind out 3000 bonds for a second reward tank before the 31st for the trashy 121B or the T95E6 . Why not, I am Asian and naturally like grinding for useless shiet, part of my DNA, right? I will say, but shouldn't say, it is possible, but unlikely, for someone to receive 2 reward tanks from one campaign, but as the rules say, limit 1 per license per campaign. 

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