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What was the point of the Multiplier?

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trondd #21 Posted Dec 23 2017 - 14:42


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View PostMrFruffy, on Dec 22 2017 - 03:59, said:

the strong clan in the top positions will always be there. it is the weaker clans that would need the help, so giving a small multiplier to the lesser positions and and huge one to the top is kinda retarded. once you pull and early lead, all you need to do is just keep pace and there is almost no way you can get passed.


giving the best players 100's of thousands of gold and then thousands of bonds is a sure way to have the lesser players want to stay in this game.


great players are really good, not taking away from them, just giving them advantages like that makes it a very lopsided situation for the rest of the plebs. not saying give bonus to the lesser, just dont give any bonuses and have a closer campaign result.


Again, a whiner that doesn't know the rules of the event. It so happens, that if you have an early lead, you are more vulnerable. If you lose to a team that is BELOW you on the rankings, 5% of the difference in total points is transferred to the other clan after battle. So if you have 300k, and lose to a clan that has 50k, 12.5k fame is transferred to the other clan. That is why sitting high in the rankings made you vulnerable, which my clan experienced half way through stage 3. We got 250k off MAHOU, but then lost 10k, 20k at the time when we took losses against clans below us (which was most clans, given we were 5th at the time). To stay up top, you needed to play good all the time, not just occasionally

081000rr #22 Posted Dec 23 2017 - 22:07


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View PostM0nkE, on Dec 22 2017 - 00:50, said:


Well, I mean, Republicans need Russia to win. So I guess that more people have been reading Bernie's playbook than yours...


Someone fire Mueller so this guy who knows more than the rest of the country can take his spot. 

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