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NARWL_Legend_Pounced #21 Posted Dec 22 2017 - 21:05


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View Postsr360, on Dec 22 2017 - 20:02, said:


Same, I got mine with 23 battles, and have a bunch of bonds left over!


Right, was a super great campaign idk why everyone is so angry. 

mrsongs #22 Posted Dec 22 2017 - 22:02


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It is showing error when I try to purchase the tank!  DAMN!

HI_FIVE #23 Posted Dec 22 2017 - 22:13


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I choose the M60.Im afraid to take it out in fear of being TKd though.I think i will wait a bit until the issue that WG caused is settled.

M0nkE #24 Posted Dec 23 2017 - 00:25


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View PostGatortribe, on Dec 22 2017 - 19:47, said:

Mooooom, I participated in this campaign, didn't do good enough, and still wasn't handed a trophy! Wargaming is being unfair! I earned it even if I really didn't!


Yeah, they should just be like those guys in MAHOU who let their clan members earn everything, then showed up for 5 battles to get ranked in the top 1000. What a flawless system.

skychan #25 Posted Dec 30 2017 - 03:07


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This is worse. 


Let me figure out how this goes,

Let's see, average battle is ~10 min

Being generous I see all 10's or Grand Battles ~50% of the time

I am in a winning game about ~50% of the time.

I can get say ~8 bonds a game.

So 40 minutes 8 bonds, 10 minutes 2 bonds, 5 minutes a bond.

I still need 1300 bonds

6500 minutes

~110 hours

30 days left

~3-4 hours of grinding tier 10's a day, EVERY day. 


I just finished a 30 day grind, it's how I got the chance to buy a tank. 

Now I have to do another 30 day grind to get it?


This is absolutely crap.  If I do manage to grind them out I'll be so sick of playing WOT and tier 10's that I'll probably just quit playing entirely for a month.  I certainly won't want to play any campaigns again, not if it is Grind for the campaign and then grind for the tank after.

It isn't a reward its a penalty that now forces me to grind 3 hours a day or my first 90 hours is wasted

FlandrexCirno #26 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 05:09


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View PostPounced, on Dec 22 2017 - 21:05, said:


Right, was a super great campaign idk why everyone is so angry. 


 You don't have to know why. You just need to know that WG is making a lot of people angry. People leave if they are angry. And I'm not sure if you are happy with this game being killed eventually.

nitzerebbhead #27 Posted Jan 04 2018 - 04:14


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I really hate this game so much right now.  Being basically forced to grind for something everyone else got in previous campaigns as a reward really blows.  After I get the rest of the 575 bonds I need for the tank...I'm probably not going to play for a very long time.  Wait and wait to get all T10/grand battle or do well enough for bonds and lose the frickin match. Two nights in a row and all the game has done is bend me over.  Stop it...I'm getting sore. 

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