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Last Campaign for any of you?

Operation Gambit bonds clan wars

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Poll: Will any of you stop playing CW campaigns as a result of the current bonds"for tanks reward structure? (115 members have cast votes)

Will any of you stop playing CW campaigns as a result of the current bonds for tanks reward structure?

  1. Yes (74 votes [64.35%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 64.35%

  2. No (22 votes [19.13%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 19.13%

  3. No (The plebs don't deserve anything for participating at all) (19 votes [16.52%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 16.52%

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bobdaxx #21 Posted Dec 23 2017 - 04:48


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yah i thought this campaign was smoothest yet.  T here was ZERO [edited]in our clan about who was fighting when.  The multipliers enabled the callers to pick the best teams for the most important fights and no one bitched because everyone knew the important fights benefited the entire clan.


I am def. in for the next one

SlappedbyPatton #22 Posted Dec 23 2017 - 04:54

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WG is on glue ...... total BS

MacDuff48 #23 Posted Dec 26 2017 - 21:03


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I voted to not play, but I will be available to help the clan from taking penalties or fighting short handed.  I will not grind for the tank unless I have the bonds, funds whatever before the campaign starts.

skychan #24 Posted Dec 30 2017 - 02:59


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This is worse. 


Let me figure out how this goes,

Let's see, average battle is ~10 min

Being generous I see all 10's or Grand Battles ~50% of the time

I am in a winning game about ~50% of the time.

I can get say ~8 bonds a game.

So 40 minutes 8 bonds, 10 minutes 2 bonds, 5 minutes a bond.

I still need 1300 bonds

6500 minutes

~110 hours

30 days left

~3-4 hours of grinding tier 10's a day, EVERY day. 


I just finished a 30 day grind, it's how I got the chance to buy a tank. 

Now I have to do another 30 day grind to get it?


This is absolutely crap.  If I do manage to grind them out I'll be so sick of playing WOT and tier 10's that I'll probably just quit playing entirely for a month.  I certainly won't want to play any campaigns again, not if it is Grind for the campaign and then grind for the tank after.

It isn't a reward its a penalty that now forces me to grind 3 hours a day or my first 90 hours is wasted

SlappedbyPatton #25 Posted Jan 02 2018 - 18:28

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most likely my last, (WG should have at least allowed multiple ways to pay for the reward tank if you were in the top 3k)


Grinding bonds is a joke , and playing ranked battles is a total disaster.....i dont have the time or the patience to grind out my tank i was awarded. 


But WG did state the bond issue, prior to the campaign ............. but it still leaves me feeling a little cheated...... but thats life.. and WG with their heads in the sand.

Yankee #26 Posted Jan 02 2018 - 18:41


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Not unless they offer a new reward tank.

I played an entire campaign to reduce the reload  on a type 5 2.5%

Hardly worth it

Vonkluge1940 #27 Posted Jan 07 2018 - 18:01


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I agree the bond grind is BS, only because the way it has come down. WE WERE NOT TOLD at the time that ranked battles and the ability to earn bonds was going on that they would be tied to Clan Wars rewards! In fact there was encouragement to use them for equipment and also the temporary perks while doing Strongholds and other activity's. The argument that to do other makes it a participation trophy is BS since many of the other Clan Wars were setup where the WHOLE clan got a tank, many members got them with very little participation. You only get the tank if you have enough FAME points, I do, in fact more than others in better clans, people that get their tanks because the happen to have the bonds or the time to grind them, that fair? The way it was done this time also severally penalizes many of us players who have played a long time (I started in 2011) and over all played way longer than others but cannot sit on the PC for long periods every day to now grind the bonds over the short haul. I spend a lot of money on this game and support it but I feel very let down that after playing about 100 CW games to qualify for the tank Wagaming has not come up with a better way for me to earn my bonds. Wargaming plain and simple has dropped the ball on this one! They failed to make it clear!

The participation in Clan wars has dropped and the reasons for that are;


  1. The player base has dropped across the board especially in NA where I think the management has not done the most stellar of jobs.
  2. Clan Wars participation has dropped because Wargaming has still failed to figure out how to make participation amongst the clans a bit fairer. You need to encourage the smaller less skilled clans by giving them a chance to not get stomped for their efforts, with little if anything to show for it except big outlays of time and credits! The way its run now you might as well just give the free stuff to the top clans and save everyone else the bother.

I believe that participation in the “next” CW will be at an all time low if something is not done to rectify the bond issue. I have already heard from dozens of friends in game who have said flat out that they are done and will not play in the next CW campaign because of this and the above. I for one will not be playing unless there is a workable fix adopted soon (I have played in the last 6 CW events)

The simple fix is for WG to just man up and extend the bond earning time indefinitely (perhaps a year) with events allowing you to earn the bonds.  

We can argue this all day and get nowhere, the fact and point is simple. If WG does nothing more about this they WILL further damage the paying player base as well as reduce participation in CW even more, to the point its really a joke. This hurts us all.


PS yep my stats suck, many reasons for that (I played nearly 5-6 thousand games with out a care for stats, crews, or really learning the game...lol!) but in organized team play I'm pretty good)

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