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Still Looking For Clan

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mobius100 #1 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 16:26


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looking for a decent clan for platooning and clan wars.

T10s I own: the sheridan, obj 140, and -less importantly- IS-4

last 1k battles wn8: 1170

IGN mobius100, send me a message if interested or if I'm not online reply to this topic...

Devildog8 #2 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 16:40


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Website: www.exiles1.com
Wargaming page: http://na.wargaming....wot/1000021019/
This is a TS3 Using Clan who have the enthusiasm  to be competitive with a hell of a lot of fun.
This is a  Clan Wars, Stronghold, Platooning and Tourney Clan looking for same minded personnel.
What we are looking for:
1. TS using Personnel
2. Members that can listen to callers and be situational aware
3. Can be active and contribute to the clans success
4. Members that know the meaning behind calls like Focus Fire, Pushing and have the winning attitude
5. Must have at least recent 48% WR and recent 1200 W8
6. 0 Drama Individuals 

7. Must Tag up on TS before invite is sent

8. Want to compete on the global map
What we offer:
1. True open door policy to all of our members ( This is not a open door for anyone, any stats to join )
2. A everyone plays policy so the whole clan succeeds not just a few
3. Gold payouts when earned from Clan Wars and Tourneys
4. A active TS3 so you dont have to go at it alone
5. A great Website filled with information that can help you to be successful
7. Nightly competition to keep you on your toes
8. Great funny individuals whom have the right personalities for a very fun time 
9. 80% 7 day activity across the board 
10. A no drama atmosphere 

In this Clan we want to climb up the ranks, we want to be competitive in everything we do,  and have a great time doing it

We want Exiles to be the last clan you join 
We will strive to make sure the needs of the clan are met and you feel like we are here to help you and the clan grow and be successful.
If this is something your looking for come visit us on TS3:

or visit our forums: www.Exiles1.com
Thanks for your time, see you soon

MacDaddyMatty #3 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 16:51


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D-Day (<- link) and HHour are sister clans.

We share TS, do tourneys (when WG offers them), Clan Wars, Strong Holds, training, platoon, grind, or just hang-out together.  We are a mix of laid-back and competitive personalities, and understand that real-life and enjoying the game come first.


Both Clans

- Must be on Team Speak.

- Don't shoot Green Tanks.


D-DAY ▌▌

- Active (inform us if you’re going to be inactive for 28+ days)

- Strong Holds, Advances, Clan Wars (when you are available)

- At least 1 Clan War eligible tank

- 1000+ WN8

(Exceptions on case by case basis)



- Casual / Social. No participation requirements – do “your thing” hassle free!

- Can Strong Hold, Advance, Platoon, Play Games, train, grind, etc with D-DAY (if desired)

Can move to D-DAY if meet requirements (if desired) - but there are Purples in HHOUR too.



 TS is stainless.ts.nfoservers.com (no PW).

Drop by and say hi – we recruit from TS.

The clan has public rooms on our Team Speak (available for non-toxic/non-clan members to hangout and/or platoon). We get a lot of friends from other clans hang out with us because our atmosphere is relaxed and often amusing. So, come hang out and see what you think!



Hippies OK, but they need to use the side entrance. No exceptions. ;)


Wherever you end up, good luck and see you on the field!


BigDollarBillz #4 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 17:28


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Welcome to check us out at SBW. if you wou would like to talk, pm me in game for ts info.

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