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How the Turdpanther 88 ranks as one of the worst tanks in the game

win rate panther 88

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eXs11 #21 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 21:37


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Can't believe the St Emil isn't on this list... Absolutely awful... Slow, no armor, 15 round capacity, no prem ammo, terrible gun handling, no gun arc at all... did I already mention SLOW? It's definitely the worst tank I've played in my WoT days...

Mikosah #22 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 21:44


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The Panther 88 is basically WG saying: "U guize, 203 pen and 2.1k base DPM is super good for a tier 8 medium! The tier 10s should be terrified!"

Makes me laugh every time.

leadtag101 #23 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 21:55

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View PostWarchild360, on Jan 01 2018 - 03:13, said:

I cant believe that the krupps coffee maker ( Krupps Steyr Waffentraeger ), the Borsig and my own beloved T95 werent on that list.. yeah sure they have great guns, but neither WT have any armor and the T-95 has a permanent red flag on it that causes it to be killed first regardless of whatever else may be on your team..

Outside of getting hammered by Arty this thing is an absolute beast if wiggled properly! I have bounced megatons of incoming tank rounds in this thing! One of my most fun tanks to play! 


Apache1990 #24 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 22:03


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Memewhile the Panther mit 88 is overall better in nearly every category but hull armor to the tech tree Panther II before it got the 88mm L/100 (better accuracy, aim time, rate of fire, HP/ton, terrain resists).

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