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Who is having hard time acing Churchill GC and Archer?

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ArcticTankHunter #1 Posted Jan 01 2018 - 19:52

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I've got replays. Stop playing like a bunch of wussies.


Churchill GC



Sure it may say 0 for everything. But I got ace tanker in that game, most likely because I left the game too early. It was a win. If your top tier don't camp. The team needs your high pen against top tier tanks.





Yes, when its top tier its amazing. But you have to camp with archer no choice. This was a small map too. No premium rounds.


Bonus: Churchill 7



I heard a lot of complaints about churchill 7. The only complaint I have is the pen. The only time I have to use premium against OI turret which was 150mm+. The stock ap pen is only 148mm pen. I wasted a premium ammo on T-150 which you don't really need to do. This is how you play Churchill 7 in an all heavy match. It has 152mm front turret armor. Don't be afraid to stick out against derp guns cause it won't kill you one hit.


Again don't be a wussy.

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