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How many matches required to enter the Hall Of Fame?

hall of fame

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xwallsmith #1 Posted Jan 05 2018 - 01:56


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How many matches are required to enter the Hall Of Fame?

Can't seem to find this anywhere. For example I have 1187 matches in my T40 but it says I don't have enough to enter the Hall Of Fame. It doesn't say how many are required. I would think that would be enough.

xrays_ #2 Posted Jan 05 2018 - 01:59


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Use the filter to expand the parameters, as I believe it resets (default) each month. You can, however, show results from greater time periods.



rich73 #3 Posted Jan 05 2018 - 02:04


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Typical screwed up app from wot..My t28 is stuck at one more battle for the last 2 weeks.Wg cant make anything that works right.Besides that it says it is for ranked battles which I dont play but has me ranked in top 500 in 4 tanks.WG comes off as stupid no matter what they do except in taking money.

Plays_With_Matches #4 Posted Jan 05 2018 - 02:47


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I believe you need 30 in the particular month to be included. Given January is pretty new you may not have enough. You can change to filter to include all battles since Dec 2014 and that will cover any tank you have with at least 150 battles since then

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