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Why can't I use Karma Koin on the January Weekly Deals?

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Skunkape59 #1 Posted Jan 07 2018 - 00:58


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  I have an aversion to using my credit cards with WoT so I use Karma Koin. The new Weekly Specials do not have a Karma Koin link. Whats up with that?

HOTA_CHATON #2 Posted Jan 07 2018 - 02:34


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Look at the payment option(s) on each deal you check out.  If it does not have a spot for more, then you can't use Karma Koin.  I too use Karma Koin and I have to watch out for this.  If you not happy, set up a Pay Pal and/or Amazon Pay account to handle all you transactions.  You will have to link your card to it but, they add an additional layer between you and everyone else.  As far as War Gaming, I have had not issues with either set up until my bank put a chip in my bank card and now, it's frigging mess so I use Karma Koin almost all the time, no extra fees.  Did I say no extras fees?  Oh yes.

heavymetal1967 #3 Posted Jan 07 2018 - 02:35


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It's probably not this, but just in case make sure hit the "more" button/tab when the payment choices open up OP.


I use Karma Koin almost exclusively.  I remember they had some kind of special deal some time ago and they wouldn't work intentionally.  Can't remember the reason or if one was even given or deduced.


Ended up using a prepaid gift card routed through either PayPal or Amazon Payments iirc.  I know I didn't use my actual debit/credit card.


Good luck OP.

rrobilla51 #4 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 04:10


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I use paypal exclusively, without having the charges go to my credit card.  Paypal has an option called my wallet that lets you place cash in your  "wallet" and use that as the payment option.   You can add cash via a number of places like cvs, rite aid, etc [ you actually have to select where your going to deposit the cash, you can use credit card there]   You print out a special bar code sheet (tied directly to your account) and bring it to the store of choice. deposit the payment and collect your activation receipt  Limits are $20 to $500 per week { note they do charge you $3.95 for this transaction} This payment is actually made via green dot, which forwards it to paypal,  then you can get anything in the premium store including weekly deals using paypal.  Paypal is accepted for all WG transactions.

Fat_Bob_1 #5 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 04:53


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You don't have to pay any fees! Go to your local Subway sandwich shop and get a free card, tell them how much to put on it and pay them. (cash) WG doesn't charge any fees to use them either and you're not taking any chances with a CC or bank account.

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