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Poll: BOND BOOSTERS in the Gift Shop (58 members have cast votes)

Would you open to having Bond Boosters being sold in the Gift Shop?

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Psychopinoy #1 Posted Jan 08 2018 - 01:12


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Regarding the Bond Crisis from this past Gambit Campaign, it was said thereafter an extension was given and, "

This will give players more time to collect sufficient bonds through random Tier X battles or other in-game activities, and earn their desired reward vehicles.

Why's that one part bolded?  We're reviewing a couple options."


We still do not know what the other in-game activities will be but hopefully soon. But I do pose a question to the community:


Since bonds are another currency in the game, e.g. silver and gold, why not introduce a BOND BOOSTER that can be available in the gift shop?  This game is [arguably] already PTW, so WG why not introduce this type of Bond Booster. Everybody would win, even Mother Russia.



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