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Game Crashing evening times.

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JLdragon #1 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 07:59

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as Title says my client crashes on me almost every night without any warning,, I am thinking its most likely windows background services trying to force win 10 updates (which Microsoft has now made this forced, no disabling in settings, no option to not happen when running applications).
I have been trying to find every way possible to figure out how to snuff the updates.
I no longer get the install updates and then shutdown or restart PC so I think I solved that problem.
And Yet I still get sudden game crash no warnings. I manually update all my primary drivers as needed on a monthly basis so I don't think that is the problem.
So leaves me with 2 possibilities,
1, Microsoft attempting to bust through and causing this instant game crash.
2, I don't know what is causing it..
Downfall is I do not receive ANY kind of dialogue, nothing in game, windows pop ups or anything stating "program is not responding", errors or anything of the type.
1.  how do I Find out what is causing this to happen?
2. Is there any software any of you use that blocks background services that might be causing this? Gameboosters, update blockers, etc?
Oh I play on HP Laptop full windows mode 1600 X 900 Resolution, Minimal graphic settings except for 2 I have set to high for long view range.
Mods Used:
Jimbo crosshair, Jimbos Contour Icons, damage panel, pretty much cosmetic UI stuff only. nothing crucial.
So any help with the above information, maybe the 2 questions answered as well would be great and or ideas, suggestions to help solve this dilemma would be awesome!

BigDollarBillz #2 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 08:30


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Beings you use mods, try launching the game in safe mode and see if it does it. Maybe you have a memory leak as well.

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