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Help! I suck at this game yet don't know why...

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Zylo_ #21 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 19:51


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There isn't a trick to it, just play the game and eventually you will figure out what you are doing. If you want to learn positioning for certain maps I would recommend watching streamers, at least that's how I started out. If you keep playing you will get past the trash that is the low tiers and start to actually enjoy the game. Hopefully.

the_Deadly_Bulb #22 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 19:52


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View PostChalybos, on Jan 09 2018 - 10:20, said:

You're new.  Too new to worry about anything more than learning how to play, rather than how well you're doing.  Once you get that figured out, your gameplay will most likely improve substantially.  Put in a few hundred more battles before worrying about improving your daily dose of Git Gud©.


Now what I mean by learning how to play is what tanks are better at brawling, which ones are snipers, whether that TD you're driving is a glass canon or a rolling battleship.  Figuring out the flow of maps, spotting mechanics, best equipment and consumables, which ammo to fire at what opponent.  Those things ain't gonna be summed up in a single forum post with general comments.  There are a lot of tutorials and guides available, though.  I'd suggest starting with this:



OP, some friendly advice;


Watch the vid provided here.

Never go alone, more guns are always better. Stay with a group whenever possible.

Don't over extend or coroner yourself. Always leave an escape route.

The map is your friend, look to your friend, often.

While overextending is to be avoided, camping in back especially in a med or heavy is poor form and not helpful (if you want to snipe try TDs). Know your tanks correct role and play to it.

Try to play all the classes.

Get out of the arties and try something with mobility. Don't be shy on the battlefield. If you stay back too far you won't learn much.

When your destroyed don't always be in a hurry to exit. Stay a while if your team is doing well and 'ride along' a bit especially if there is another player playing the same tank as you did, and they're doing well.

Play more often. You have 125 games since Oct 2015. Its hard to remember what you've previously learned with so much time in between.

Maybe consider joining a clan. There can be lots you can learn from the right group of clan mates.


Leave T-VIII Premiums parked for the moment. They're only going to bring you frustration. In a while, when your ready they will be fun. They aren't going to go bad waiting. Play to at least T-VI before you go into T-VIII+ battles in your M4A1 Revalorisé. The M4A1 Revalorisé is basically a T-VI tank in T-VIII. It has a good gun but little armour. You need more experience to be able to have anything resembling a good time in this tank.


Good Luck! :honoring:


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Augustus_Sohn #23 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 19:52

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Friend, you’re really new. Most of us sucked donkey balls when we began playing. (I am not great either) 


Just Listen to the wise criticism here and keep plugging along. Sometimes it may sting but it is for the better if you learn from what others say. 

RumRunner151 #24 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 19:52

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Sent you a friends invite in game.  I can teach you.

Termitey #25 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 20:19

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Best part about being bad is it dont matter

Have fun then the gameplay will come

Augerr #26 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 02:50


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OK for the record, I still stink at this game, HOWEVER, I played for a long time on a marginal machine on DSL.  Your frame rate and your ping will make a difference.


I switched to a faster computer w/a video card and got hooked up to cable.  I still stink, BUT I can now see what I am shooting at and I'm not lagging all over the place and missing shots.


Don't be eager to be the first one to get shot at.  hang back, and do your best to make the shots you do shoot count.


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