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Vasili_20 #1 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 23:39


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hola, llevo ya un año jugando y siempre quise hacer esta preguta pero no sabia en donde publicarla... la pregunta es la siguiente, para ustedes.. que tanques deberia tener todo jugador de wot.. ose que tanques tendria que tener si o si en el garage... ya sea u jugador experimentado o no... actualmente tengo 23 tanques que son:T29, M4, HELLCAT,T67,PZ III/IV, TIGER 1, TIGER 2, T-34,T-150,SU-100,IS-2 (PREMIUM),IS-3,T-10, SU-85,KV1,CRONWELL,CONQUEROR, BLACK PRINCE,AMX 12T, AMX 13 F3,SKODA T25,CHI-NU Y TYPE 59 (PREMIUM).. cual deberia agregar?

WangOnTheLoose #2 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 23:53


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hello, I've been playing for a year now and I've always wanted to do this question but I did not know where to publish it ... the question is the following, for you .. what tanks should every wot player have? ose what tanks would have to have if if in the garage ... either experienced player or not ... I currently have 23 tanks that are: T29, M4, HELLCAT, T67, PZ III / IV, TIGER 1, TIGER 2, T-34, T-150 , SU-100, IS-2 (PREMIUM), IS-3, T-10, SU-85, KV1, CRONWELL, CONQUEROR, BLACK PRINCE, AMX 12T, AMX 13 F3, SKODA T25, CHI-NU and TYPE 59 ( PREMIUM) .. which should I add?




My personal list would be:

American: M4 Sherman, T67, Hellcat, Chaffee, T49 with the DERP, T29, M55/53, and the M48

British: Matilda, Cromwell, Comet, and the Super Conqueror

German: Tiger I, E50, Maus, Luchs, and the PzIc

Russian: KV-1, Su-100, Su-152, T-34, T-62a (or Object 140), and KV-2

French: BatChat and the AMX ELC (at least before the light tank reorientation)

Chinese: Type 64 (only premium I will list)

Japanese: Not a lot of experience with

Czech: Not a lot of experience with

Swedes: Strv 103B

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