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Why is this game so unfriendly to new players?

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mrmojo #21 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 05:37


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Get your own auto-loader because the best way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of what you're facing, is to play them.


Some are really cheap and you will learn a lot.


PS: a bad laptop isn't helping.



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WhiteTigerKatyusha #22 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 05:44

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View PostManimal__, on Jan 10 2018 - 02:55, said:


No it doesn't.. Type 5.


Type 5 is countered by the right tactics. Inner drive wheel area, flat cheeks w/ enough pen (usually gold), among other tactics.

Schwa1be #23 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 11:08


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Type 5 can’t kill you if you only have tier 3 tanks


*thinking meme*

g4143 #24 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 12:08

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View PostSchwa1be, on Jan 10 2018 - 02:42, said:

auto cannons that clip tanks in one burst, Derp guns that have ludicrous accuracy and dispersion fire rates that make smart play almost meaningless, all at tiers 1-3, why?


ive really been trying to get into this game, I got an early ace and was enthusiastic as ever. But now that I’m here ever game is just so painfully annoying with how over powered auto cannons are, having better accuracy than some on the single shot guns I use. I was playing my amx 38 earlier with the top gun and an m2 medium with the Derp was able to hit me more consistently and quicker than I was able to hit it.


im really getting turned off of wot


1. Welcome to the game.

2. The low French tiers are a painful grind. Most French tanks lines start taking off on/after tier 5.

3. If you are new then explore the different vehicle types. It was months before I found what I liked to play.

4. Try platooning with friends.

5. Grow a thick skin. Online gaming can be an awful experience if you have thin skin.

6. Start accumulating equipment like camo nets, binoculars, tool kits.

7. Start training crews.


Here's a low tier tank that I really enjoyed: Marder 38T

Get a rammer, camo net, binoculars and a tool kit and enjoy the Marder 38T. Its a fast firing blast.


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the_Deadly_Bulb #25 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 17:36


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View Postg4143, on Jan 10 2018 - 03:08, said:

6. Start accumulating equipment like camo nets, binoculars, tool kits.


Use the auto equipment swap mod to move Camo nets, Binos and Tool Kits without any clicking.

These 3 types of equipment can be moved automatically between your tanks, and require no gold to demount. You will only need as many sets as you will ever have tanks in game at any time.

I have 3 sets of each and it provides me with enough equipment of that type to keep all my garage equipped.


All other equipment (GLD, rammers etc.) will require one unit each per tank, but this mod can really save you a lot of credits.

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Dead_Zombie #26 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 18:20


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View Postthe_Deadly_Bulb, on Jan 09 2018 - 22:26, said:


Too bad you're wrong.

He's a new player from Blitz.



Maybe try a different approach to posts in Newcomers made by players with less than 100 battles.

Players come here for advice not your trolling stupidity and trash talk.

I mean you want SBMM! ROTFL





and getting advice from people that still haven't figured out the game themselves is comical... lead him on to being another one of "those" players..

n00bfarmer #27 Posted Jan 10 2018 - 18:32

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No idea what you are talking about. Low tiers are fine. Perfectly balanced  and enjoyable for all players.

HITMAN19832006 #28 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 16:49


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I'm quite new myself and can tell you that depending on your type/nation of your tank that it can be even worse than you think.

Think of the low tiers as being like a "prospect" in a motorcycle gang. It's hell. Everyone bosses you around but if you pay attention and think before you act...you'll get your patch at Tier V.

You're a member of the gang but not the head. Still have lots of learning to do. Just keep playing smart WOT. Learn to recognize when you need to be aggressive and when you need to camp then snipe. If you're the low tier, you have no business being front line. Use the big boys as a shell sponge. Hit anyone from behind when you can.

If your stats are good, you may get tapped up by a Clan. It's true because that what happened to me on Christmas 2017 driving my VK 30.01H. I was offered an invite and am learning a lot. They're a great group of guys.

Nobody tap you up then seek them out. 

As for the nation thing, if you plan going up the Germany Heavy lines and through the Panthers, Tigers, etc...expect your life to be hell on WOT. WG hates German tanks.

But here's the good news: You will have the most tactical awareness compared to most tank lines. Driving any other tank is a piece of cake by comparison. You'll crush people once you start playing the Russian lines either on the side or after Germany.

Just hang in there. You will always face challenges but you won't notice how much better you'll get along the way.

Keep grinding and be a good teammate.

Karmadharma #29 Posted Jan 13 2018 - 19:11

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Can't even survive boot camp. No left hand dexterity and terrible left-right coordination. WASD? Please! I can barely turn or decide what to do when fire comes at me. I really miss the serial joystick I had years ago to fly in simulators - separate throttle too. Now retired on a budget and can't afford such new luxuries. What steering alternatives are there that don't involve buying stuff?

NoobieDude #30 Posted Jan 13 2018 - 19:23


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i just came form wot blitz...new there also...but JHC...this game is hard compared to it...i have less than 1k battles in blitz...54/55% wr...tier 1/3...but man this game is crazy...cant peek a boom...side-scrape...hull down a bit but not much.... this game seems more like a campers game to me...idk...hell i just won the T-29 tire 3 prem....don't know if i want to even try it....????

Boxhawk #31 Posted Jan 15 2018 - 14:05


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View PostSir_Tomato_DroolsAlot, on Jan 09 2018 - 20:48, said:

something tells me this is a reroll trolling..


Gotta be a bot.  No human could possibly grind 49 battles in 30 months.

CaptCaveman60 #32 Posted Jan 15 2018 - 22:12


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View PostSilver_ReBangBang_Wow, on Jan 10 2018 - 02:46, said:

low tiers are hell, many sealclubbers. Gets better higher up.


stop lying 


Wet_Skunk #33 Posted Jan 16 2018 - 17:56

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View PostSchwa1be, on Jan 10 2018 - 05:08, said:

Type 5 can’t kill you if you only have tier 3 tanks


*thinking meme*


Tanks have their counters for balance.  Yes, you can run around wrecking tanks with an auto loader...but, they won't pen the heavily armored tanks like the R1, PZ35H, AMX38, etc..

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