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Game is dying.

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n00bfarmer #61 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 00:40

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The new mm is more harsh against seal clubbers so if you relied on that in the past you will have trouble in the new mm system. It puts you at bottom tier for the majority of battles so your old clubbing tactics to pad your stats won't work as well now. This is probably why you are having troubles. Your only real choice is to play tier 9 or 10 and it's not that easy to pad up there because no seals to club. Sucks, but that is just how it is.

M0Z0V0 #62 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 00:47


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View PostM0Z0V0, on Jan 10 2018 - 19:04, said:

 This player is from NA server



WangOnTheLoose #63 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 02:18


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View PostWoebegoneslug, on Jan 10 2018 - 16:34, said:

I have been on  for just over two years.  I learned this game the hard way.  Playing all the low tanks,  grinding, not knowing what I was doing and making a lot of mistakes. 


The forum posts are mostly complaints now.   Anecdotal experience tells me this wasn't always the case.  There used to be actual productive discussion here. Now its all BS,  that is because the game is going downhill.....and fast. 


1. Game used to have a base in reality:  By that,   a 120 mm gun was powerful and you could expect it to do a certain amount of damage.  Not so anymore.  Whatever size gun you have in this game is pretty much a mystery.  ie,   I shot a Sherman three times with my Tiger II, 8.8 shooting APCR and did no damage, and no pen.   He killed my Tiger in three shots.   This in reality is utterly impossible.  So impossible it's getting pathetic.  Just today, in my tier 9 M103 with the 120 mm shooting APCR, I hit a KV 4 tier 8 twice in the side hull where the ammo is and got no pen.  He penned my front twice.  wth?   This isn't just occasionally, it's all the time now.  There is NO way to figure out anything based in what you have anymore.  These made up figures and algorithms for pen and what not are just fantasy now.   I know,   it's a computer game.   


2. Win rate and team make up:  This is utter fantasy for a number of reasons.  I'm on so many losing teams its mathematically impossible.  I can't imagine how the game does all this,  but it does.  In a game like this you expect to progress and get better.   Not so in WOT.   The more you progress, the worse it gets.  There will be people that say,   play better, do your part, and blah blah blah.  Fact is,  I DO my part.   I do MORE than my part.   


With 15 people on a team,  you are responsible for at best, 15% of what the team does.   That's it.   Simple math.  IF you just do 6.6 % you are doing your share in most cases.   Doing YOUR hit points in damage is  a great goal to support your team. So what's the problem? How come I'm on more losing teams now than when I first started?  Just today, I've been on 7 teams and only on 2 winning teams.  This is actually better than usual.  28%  wnr today.  I have many days of 12% or so. 


I start the vast majority,   and I mean easily 90-95% of   ALL games with negative hp's.  In other words.....my team has to take more hp's than we have. Much of this disparity is spectacular.  I've been on many many teams where the difference in HP's is 3000 or more.  That's equal to giving the enemy a 16th tank,   and making it a MAUS. 


Since the last upgrade, in particular, the win/loss stats are staggering.  I've been keeping a chart, and the number of near blowouts is amazing.   In other words.....MOST of the losses are gruesome,   2-15, 1-15, 4-15.   By the same token,  when I DO win a game.....it's a near blowout.   15-3, 15-4 etc.   You get the idea.  By my informal calculation,  I'm only on a close, or competitive game about 1 out of 10 at best. 


And my so called wn8 score is not at all an accurate representation of how I normally do now.  My wn8 has been progressing slowly lately because my clan has taught me many tricks I didn't know.   Having said that,   people that re roll, use cheats or WAR PACK are a huge problem,   and getting even bigger.  So much so that many of my friends of left the game because they don't want to pay for war pack to be competitive. 



3. Fast light tanks:   This has contributed greatly to the degradation of the game.    The reason is linked to number 1 above.  None of these fast light tanks are based in any sort of reality.  They are total fantasy.  Driving those like in the game would kill the crew.  The mechanics of vehicles like the E25 and Sheridan and others is pure make believe.  There is no difference between driving an E25 and playing Mario Kart.   The only thing missing from the E25, and others, is the big mario head on top.  I would suggest that if this is what you want to do,   then go play Mario Kart. 


This game used to be more of a strategy and thinking mans game.   Something older people kind of enjoyed.   But that has gone away.  Between the insane vision mechanics, light tanks, and totally bizarre pen and gun stats nothing makes sense anymore.  It is getting more Mario kartish by the day.   


This game used to have two NA servers and 2 years ago, it was common to have 40,000 to 80,000 players on.   Now, with only one NA server,   It averages about 18000 to 22000 players.  LATAM only gets about 3000 players.   Those are huge drops in players.  


I'm not ready to say the game is dead, but it certainly isn't helping itself.   A strong coterie of players willing to spend money can keep it afloat,  but many are simply cutting their losses. 



Let's see, can't kill or penetrate a Sherman in a Tiger II and makes obviously false claims about server population..... Shocking.


You have a 45% win rate because you have no clue what you are doing.  You can't penetrate a Sherman variant with a King Tiger because you have no clue how to play the game.  You have played 20k games and are still terrible, that is your fault not the games.

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