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[UI Suggestion] More "Detail" Information on Tanks

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destroika #1 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 06:00


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Does anyone else disagree with how a tank can take a direct hit to their side at an obtuse angle when you know you're shot is supposed to pen easy, but only the tracks break and the target takes no damage? Or when you're side scrapping and you're shot at a shallow angle, but you're penned anyway, your track breaks, you take a ton of damage and your ammo racked with a dead loader? There's things going on in the physics engine in these moments that you don't have access to. There's just no place in your garage to see the kind of information you need to study up on to make more informed decisions in the field.


There's this WoT video that describes the details behind armor deflection and shots that pass through running gear: https://youtu.be/WX4o2Yaf0hU


Time interval 12:05 through 14:05 explains that there's thickness to a tank's running gear that varies from one tank to the next and there's a shape to the armor on the belly of a tank right behind the running gear where you can't even see. Without this information this track-breaking BS just seems to be inconsistent and annoying.


We, the players, need to know the thickness of the running gear of all tanks that's taken into account by the physics engine and the shape of the belly armor of our tanks!

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