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Un-Eliting Tanks

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3IDMechInfantryVet #1 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 22:08


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How is it after this many years, you are still unable to fix the problem of tanks being marked elite even when new tanks have been added to the line? You recently cost me many hours of grinding xp because my AMX 13 90 was marked elite, even though I hadn't researched the tier10. I had made it to 160k out of 200k xp needed, converted xp to free xp, and it of course started with the AMX 13 90 being on top of the list. And then support says they have no power to fix it. How hard is it to uncheck a simple bit of code that a tank is NOT elite automatically?

nxp #2 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 22:19


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1390 is a fun tank man. now you get to play more. 

Buttknuckle #3 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 22:46


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It is not a problem. It is set that way intentionally. You noted that yourself that it has been that way for many years. Knowing this, how hard is it for you to uncheck a box?

Kamahl1234 #4 Posted Jan 11 2018 - 23:15


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This is 100% intentional, as elite status isn't something that WG wants to take from any tank. It's been like this since the beginning, and has been stated many time over. What would the point of the tank not being elite automatically be? All it does is allows an option to accelerate crew training, which by the way does have to be manually turned on by the user.



How hard is it to uncheck a box, user? 

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