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IS-7 needs gun pen buff or Type 5 HVY Armor reduce.

IS-7 Penetration Type 5 Heavy

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M0nkE #21 Posted Mar 14 2018 - 04:25


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View PostTheCuro, on Mar 13 2018 - 15:34, said:

As for the Type's armor its gimped by its layout, if a type angles his front he exposes his shoulders, this is in direct contrast to the E100 and MAUS which can angle without exposing such a large flat section of armor. But the E100 still suffers from a rather soft LFP and with the proposed HP buff to the FailLowe your looking at it being powercreeped even more. No the Type 5s armor is strong yes, but like the E100 it sees full HEAT/APCR spam against it, with the current state of the game/pen values it needs armour values that can combat the opponents it faces.


That's why the tank needs to be removed. You can't balance something that has nothing but flat armor if it needs to bounce anything. All you can do is arbitrarily decide what does and doesn't pen. It's a completely skill-free tank, and pretty much always will be, no matter what they do to it.

leeuniverse #22 Posted Mar 14 2018 - 04:25


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Honestly I don't get why they added "derps" to Heavy tanks which make other heavy tanks Armor and Sidescraping WORTHLESS.

Add to that the super armor with basically no weakspots which some tanks can't even pen their SIDES (Turret and Body) unless you use Gold.

Just stupid Wargaming is.


One of many stupid things Wargaming has done to this game.

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