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help with consistency.

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_kumicho_ #1 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 04:08

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I think the biggest issue with my progression is consistency.


Seems like I have no warm, its always HOT and then Cold, so my recent is a reflection of several good games mixed with several die like a chump games... I attribute this to the inability to recognize a team thats going to hell quickly enough and no effing clue what to do when folks just wont cooperate (with my ideas for what they should be doing, et al). Also, I cant figure out how to flex soon enough or to a reasonable position when a flank is collapsing, especially if theres many reds and im in a slow or otherwise difficult to change locations tank.


So, i dont have any concrete examples, but, im sure theres a general logic to it that eludes me at the moment... can someone who's experienced with this or know of a video or something that i can watch? Basically i need a guide for what to do when the sh it hits the fan, cause im failing to respond quickly or intelligently enough and its seriously frustrating.


I cant tell you how many times in the last few weeks ive had many times the dmg/spotting of my nearest teammate and still lost. I cant tell you how many times ive had 1 shells worth of damage and died on the side with all the reds cause i failed to flex, move or otherwise adequately predict what my team was going to do in response to a particular situation and died like a chump only to win (often because my side was able to keep many tanks busy bouncing off my tank or just making them miss...) please,  what do you do when its going to hell in a handbasket but still manage to get your dmg while keeping the game close enough to make it interesting. 


I've watch a few of you do it.. but i just need to see/hear/read the thinking while you make the change, cause im effing it up in too many matches.



dominator_98 #2 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 04:30


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I struggle with the same issue. It's just too easy to overlook the minimap or reposition a few seconds too early/late. You've got to play with 100% of your brain 100% of the time, and that's much easier said than done.

nxp #3 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 04:38


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circon's steam on twitch is pretty good. the guy plays the same tank over and over until 3rd marked. 

Relocating is one way of ensuring consistency. By relocating (though alot of baddies say it's running away) you ensure that you are never stuck in a bad situation. There is never one place to go or one way to play for any tank. It's really hard to tell you in words, something you just have to learn yourself.



Go look in his past broadcasts. or his youtube channel.

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Cola_Uruguay #4 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 04:41


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Consistency = patience and experience, doesnt matter how good you are technically if you dont have those things your wr is not going  above 58% , rn doe it seems like your main problem is map awareness and technical ability so work on that

foughtwolf #5 Posted Jan 20 2018 - 08:47

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WG doesnt WANT you out of that 50-55% winrate. It seems to me that past that, the algorithms seem to let go of trying with you so much. You fight your way past that and things get easier in a hurry. Ive certainly noticed that after breaking into 55% winrate, and anymore I primarily play Friday nights streaming.

_P3Z_SNIPING_REAR_ARMOR_ #6 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 15:09


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For whats its worth, just think about the map you are in and how you can just put your gun to use without exposing yourself to harm's way too much.for VII tanks aim for 1.5k / VIII 2k/ IX 2.1+ and X 2.3k+ dmg set it as a base line and eventually you will force yourself to learn what spots in what maps work better for you.Your dmg isn't terrible perse but needs quite a bit of improvement to call it decent. I would start by playing a tank class you feel comfortable with and then pick a tier, let's say anything 7-8 is a good start, then try to avg 1.7-2k+ dmg with it and see how it goes. I would recommend playing with a good player and see how he uses his tank and learn from it. It takes time but it eventually clicks. Awareness is the one that takes the most to master even good players have problems with it.

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