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1sided battles are back


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VooDooKobra #21 Posted Jan 13 2018 - 08:01


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View PostBear031, on Jan 12 2018 - 15:31, said:

They never left and will not until skill level is included in MM. Balancing tanks, while important,  does not mean as much - a purple player in a underpowered tank will usually defeat a tomato in an OP tank



SBMM will not get rid of one sided battles though


View PostFlarvin, on Jan 12 2018 - 17:55, said:


I agree. Being a bad streak sucks. 


But the only way to get rid streaks, is to rig the MM. 


wait i thought rigging was bad m'kay


View Postdocroberts, on Jan 12 2018 - 23:45, said:

They never left , but in fact they did get worse .. My numbers fell in the outhouse and I dont think they will recover after this mess . Makes Amor Warfare more inviting all the time again . Don't like the graphics or the modern tank idea , but sure the hell is better than every game a loss for days . At least you make silver and can grind and play the tanks you want to play instead of losing everything in one match . 


last time i went there they had one sided battles too

JTiborM #22 Posted Jan 14 2018 - 00:21


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well  good start today  first 5 games are loosing games 







first and third game i had the only kills  this is ridiculous 

15pounder #23 Posted Mar 08 2018 - 21:18


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The problem as I see it is that WoT is hooked on the " god of the win % ".


Look at a Quickybaby repays and the XVM at the start on YouTube. The wins %'s are mostly in the 40% to 60% range, that way every body gets to win and lose.


If you keep a record of your wins and losses you will have great periods ( 69% ) and bad periods ( 6% ), but in the end you will end up with the win % shown in your garage rating.


Run a chec for 200 to 400 games.


The experience will tell you what team is most likely to win, ignore the win %.


The other game fixer is the RNG gods.


The winning team will score more hits per shot, and will score more penetrations per shot. About 10% greater in each case than the losing team. I assume that the damage for the winning team is also greater.


I also found that the 10% difference works for me as an individual, depending which team I am on.



Trauglodyte #24 Posted Mar 08 2018 - 21:22


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View PostJTiborM, on Jan 12 2018 - 23:24, said:

Is it me or are 1 sided matches back with a vengeance????   

This 3-5-7 matchmaker is utter garbage. 


They never left.  Just more new/bad players leading to them.  Or, less good players preventing them from happening.

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