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E50m possibly the most versatile tank in the game?

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Pongo #21 Posted Jan 16 2018 - 22:17


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"Its slow acceleration, turning, poor terrain resists bog it down,"


it is the best of the heavy mediums, the only one and best one. 

It gets eaten up by the medium heavy's and that is the bigger issue.

It is not as good a sniper as the 50/51...


Dirizon #22 Posted Yesterday, 03:07 AM


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If 113, WZ5A, lS7 are very common and successful, fulfilling their fast heavy roles - so too should a heavy medium be useful enough to have a wider berth and versatility.


Thing is, lS7 113 WZ5A all feature the common things required. They have heavy tank HP, speed, hull and turret armour, and respectable alpha damage.


E5OM has trouble with this concept, and role, not allowing it to be a heavy medium, or at least successful as one. Hull is great, but turret is terrible. Alpha isn't separate or more damaging than other peer meds, despite moving slower. Poor camo rate, doesn't distinguish it all too much from heavy tanks, not at all like conventional meds. E5OM is just a terrible flawed tank that maybe good, but WG just pukes all over it


It needs a HP boost. Needs a horsepower boost. Needs a turret armour boost.

If lS7 can get buffs like this, so should an E5OM

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