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Upcoming Premium Tank - KanJpz 105 *Free Tank for KanJpz 90 Owners?*

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_Gungrave_ #41 Posted May 23 2018 - 03:59


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View PostCardboardJedi, on May 23 2018 - 03:57, said:

Either actually. I've seen a few viddys from the contributors and the 90mm seemed ok enough. I'd not mind the 105 either it just seems like it just can't seem to cross the Atlantic from the Euro Server


I'd say its meh more than anything given how its considered to be the worst tier 8 premium.


I call it the Krapanzer for a reason.

MountainLion1 #42 Posted May 23 2018 - 04:34


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View PostCardboardJedi, on May 22 2018 - 20:31, said:

Anyone know if the KanJPz is going to make an appearance on the NA? I actually saw one on Frontline last week, but forgot to message the guy to see how he got it


A friend of mine was playing his Kanonpanz last week on Frontline, he got his the very first day that it was put in the premium shop. We play them every once in a while just for kicks and giggles. It is one of the more difficult tanks to consistently do well in, so I just play it for fun.

I_QQ_4_U #43 Posted May 23 2018 - 05:01


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I bet all the Sentinel owners are pissed they didn't get a free AC4.

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