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Thinking of putting together a [FAME-NA] clan together

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Your_mom_likes_campers #21 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 20:22


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Interesting thoughts.  But I would be interested in exploring a feeder clan with some officers that were interested in developing some slightly lesser stats that has potential for growth to the unicum level with some slight game play tweaking.

TheTrojanWarrior #22 Posted May 01 2018 - 17:01


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Good luck in your efforts.

rossmtbiker__O_OII #23 Posted May 05 2018 - 17:56


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View PostManu_The_Mung_Bean, on Jan 16 2018 - 03:33, said:

would be great




there are only 100 active players with those stats on na


all in mahou


actually 99, they keep the dad around for entertainment.


View Postmortal_wombat_, on Jan 16 2018 - 05:36, said:


So what exactly is the problem with starting a clan to go after thee guys and the NA CW title?  You guys are under some illusion that it cannot be done.  Why cant it if we out together a plan full of players that can compete competitively with these top tier clans';  As long as we have the right players, anything can be accomplished.


I dont get all the negativity.  You NA players just dont have the strength and will power to take on these top tier clans BUT I know there some are and with the right commander, officers,and recruits it absolutely can be done,


If you are here to flame this thread is not for you.  I am looking for guys who are serious about CW and serious about winning.  Who wouldnt want access to all the special perks, tanks, etc. the top tier clans are offered??  IT CAN BE DONE!  Lets make it happen!


I will put together an updated "requirement list" so people have an understanding what type of players we would need.


Are you really Rocking Johnny trying to buy more accounts like you did with 11_AD? that was a pretty funny go! XD


_THE_TALENT_ #24 Posted May 15 2018 - 14:34


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View Postrossmtbiker__O_OII, on May 05 2018 - 17:56, said:


actually 99, they keep the dad around for entertainment.



Are you really Rocking Johnny trying to buy more accounts like you did with 11_AD? that was a pretty funny go! XD



LOLED^^^^^^ forgot they existed for a minute there

Idk if head too thick like Maus to understand the only people that can beat MAHOU are in MAHOU why would they leave for a meme

even if it was john buying more accounts, how does he play 15 tanks himself in CW and win against MAHOU lol

thread was good for the lolz 

P_A_N_Z_E_R #25 Posted Jun 05 2018 - 03:57

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View Postmortal_wombat_, on Jan 16 2018 - 02:47, said:

I spoke with Alpha_ (Commanding Officer of [FAME[ and their stance is that [FAME] is EU and they dont care about NA starting a [FAME] clan on NA.  I would like to speak with Daki, Vale and a few other players because of course I would like their blessing and to be affiliated with them.  This post is going to give me an idea about who would be interested in taking on this major task.  The strict standards that FAME holds for their clan would be the same requirements imposed here.  If this is something you might be interested in and believe you meet those strict requirements for now please drop a line and let me know how many of you are up to the task and we willing to put in work to make this happen.


These are the requirements taken straight from their recruitment forum.


FIRST AND FOREMOST.  I understand that these requirements are not currently feasible and will be worked on to support the NA player base.  I just want people to get interested in taking this on and MAKING THIS HAPPEN.  




We are determined to stay the #1 elite clan of the EU server. So what kind of players are we looking for?

  • Natural born pro's
  • Smart players that are able to read battles
  • Players that carry from the front line


We are always looking for capable Field Commanders:

  • Experienced and confident in command
  • Not scared of fighting the other big clans
  • Not afraid of trying new tactics


As FC in FAME you generally enjoy about double the pay of regular members. (You do the math with around 10k gold per day and 60 active members)




In numbers our requirements are roughly:

  • 3100 WN8 overall and recent 3600 WN8
  • 64% WR overall and recent 67% WR
  • 3000+ damage on t10 tanks. (TDs even higher)
  • 1000 assist & 2 spots on t10 meds (= anti-statpadding req)
  • 10k battles or more
  • 10k+ WG rating
  • 4+ CW capable tanks (BC, 50B, IS7, 140, 62A, E3, E5, E100, MAUS, FV215B, CGC)
  • Lots of 3rd MoE on t10s helps (we see them as a proof of skill)


Note that if you lack in a few areas but exceed our requirements in others we will still consider your application!

So for example if you have:  2.5k WN8 overall / 4.5k recent, or 2.3k overall / 5k recent, we will still take your application.


We have special requirements for rerolls. Since your account doesn't include your first X games as noob, your account as a whole needs to be around our clan recents:




To ensure FAME remains the #1 clan when it comes to sheer skill, we changed our testing procedure. Upon entering FAME you're gameplay in competitive games (CW, SH etc) will be monitored by officers and senior members. Your random stats get you into the clan, your skill and teamplay keep you in the clan. Why do we do this? Stats can be padded (redline sniping, pure gold setups etc) so even a thorough look at your service record won't tell the whole story. So what will we check during your testing period?


  • Following FC orders
  • Throwing HP away for no reason
  • Managing HP (push when full, support when low)
  • Overcommitting/Suiciding
  • Reading battles and anticipating FC orders 
  • Communication
  • Map knowledge
  • General gameplay




As FAME we actively participate in:

  • Clan Wars
  • Stronghold Battles
  • Tournaments
  • Campaigns
  • Platoons


We aim for a healthy balance between farming and fighting:


Again, if you are interested drop a line below so I can see how many people would be into this. Peace.


Lol. Not sure if you actually qualify to be in your own clan.

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