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New Soviet Tanks 9,22

Are we minor tiers food ?

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RobertuZ #1 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 18:56


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Seems now that WG is on the mood to create indestructible tanks, what is really good, but seems also, that WG is NOT on the mood to update the ordinary and normal tanks, the new ones has a lot of pen, a lot of armo, but the old ones like the IS7 or the ridiculous pen of the IS4 continue the same way, then why create the new soviet grind?, for overwhelm the other cars and show the soviet supremacy?, for me is fine, but i think the new MM must has a really deep change, cuz if i have a decent and normal Tier 8, i want to play a tier 8 match, not being located in random situations depending of the cannon of the car i have, but the armor and the player skills are not included, that means my tier 8 is going to face the new soviet grind, and the well known  germans, and so many others that becomes my yier 8 in fodd of the big ones, i really has enough of this sutpid MM that does not change at all, WG says the skills and strategy of the players must be improve in order to become more competitive the game, wich i guess is the goal of the game, but for some people this game its a hobby, and WG does not care at all this situation, in my opionion the MM must get same tier tanks thats become more competitive the game,  and for the minor tiers dont become food of the industructible tier 10 tanks, also is not normal that over and over crushing defeats, wich now with this MM looks the normal, then the win rate must dissapear because that not depends of the player, depends of the situation.


In my opinion WG is doing another, over and over mistake

LeaveIT2Beaver #2 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 19:15


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The 430 and 430U are not indestructible nor is the 257 which  is already one of my favorites. They are fun to play but like any other tank in WoT they can be taken out. 

iiNSaNiiTY #3 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 19:32


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the funny thing is that the Object 257 is a heavy X-tier, what WG did was to diminish 20mm of lateral shielding and to nerf its cannon that good work hahaha, the 430U is an improved copy of the 121, the only ones that seem to be balanced are the object 705 and 705A although they seem to be Russian replacements of the E-100 ...

power_Donky #4 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 19:48


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They will make the is4 and is7 tier 8 premiums just watch

_War_Baby_ #5 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 21:48

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​MM is fine. 3-5-7 is a great system imo, as a tier 8 tank I feel as though I can actually contribute to the game. 


​IS-4 has the same amount of pen as any other tier 10 tank with HEAT, as well as generally being regarded as one of the worst performing tier 10 tanks currently in the game. 


​If you honestly think any of the new or old Russian tanks are indestructible the problem may not be the tanks but the player. 

scoutsout7 #6 Posted Jan 21 2018 - 23:27


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Yes the new tanks are not Op as others may say they can be taken out like any other if people would stop and think just a little.... Yes as always with the test sever people fling gold like crazy so it is hard to really judge how well they will hold up on the live sever. 

The biggest thing WG is the paint scheme on the 705 tier nine heavy the patterns are way too big and need to be reduced... this should be addressed please. 

over all not too bad still hard to judge everything we shall see. 


the biggest thing is being in high tier fights in almost every battle on the live sever. I do not mind the challange but battle after battle is a little old after a while


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