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VK 28.01

VK 28.01 German

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Wolfskrieger #21 Posted Jun 13 2019 - 17:41


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View PostRipzTorn, on Jun 02 2019 - 23:55, said:

The Vk2801 is my first tank I play everyday. I tend to play it as a passive scout. If you try to active scout with it, you will get shot up once spotted. It is not the most nimble, although it top speed is good. I swapped out of the 10.5 gun before they took it from us and found the 7.5 better for on the move firing. you can also bounce a shot or 2 , but don't count on too many bounces. You can be a bully vs most other scouts with ramming, especially with controlled impact. 


If you guys are still doing t6 skirmishes and want someone in the 2801, give me a holler.


Ignore the person who started this thread, he is no longer in the clan and only posts on the forum to be a drama queen.


I still enjoy the VK 28.01, despite rage-selling it after the derp was taken away.. you can still excel with it in skirmishes even with a crappy crew. Although we are winding down for the summer - send me a message IG and I will invite you next time we are running one.


Yes, great tank for ramming Type 64s and such.. Crommies are slightly more heavy so you have to make sure to ram them in the sides.

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