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Level Design Improvements for Fisherman's Bay, Ruinberg, and Pilsen

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CabMech #1 Posted Feb 03 2018 - 00:17


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Hey Tankers,  

Check our our article with full interactive maps explaining the changes these maps here.

Happy Tanking!


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LunaCada #2 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 19:40


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Why does Wargaming always say "new maps" when they are not? 

Bring back some of the old ones first.  

Put a vote to the players and let them speak. 

Devildog8 #3 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 19:46


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you know cabbage every link you guys put on the world of tanks site to direct you to the forums is broken, it either cant find the link or its some post from years ago that has no relevance to the topic at hand, need to fix that make you guys look a tad incompetent 

Per48d #4 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 19:46


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All of these changes look good except the elimination of the low ground on Pilsen west side. I'm looking forward to seeing the other maps. I really hope that you can enlarge the older maps and bring them back. The biggest issues that I see with most maps is that they are far too small. The all need to be at least tripled in size to allow more tactical maneuvering.


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Bytr #5 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 19:47


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Fisherman's Bay and Ruinberg are my least favorite maps after Paris so I'm not sure tweaking them will help all that much. I would much prefer seeing them replaced with new maps.


(the HD maps I played on Sandbox looked great!)

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Sgt_Skalisky #6 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 19:57


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Wow. I was expecting HD eye candy upgrades to the buildings and rocks and trees, the mountains and other visuals on the other side of the red lines etc.. But what I am seeing in this article are major changes to the topography of Fishermans Bay, Ruinberg and Pilsen. Significant changes that will affect strategy and change how we play the maps in a big way. Nice work. 


2Key_4Skill #7 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 20:08


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The Map that Honestly needs to reworked is ​MINES REWORK IT.​ ​But North Spawn when starting has such a big advantage. So maybe when that map gets fixed where both team have the same chance of taking the hill then that map in standard mode might be okay. But Tier 10s fighting on that  map also come on its to small for tier 10 battles. Also I do wonder do these people that create these maps actually play the game on a normal account like the rest of us do? I really do Wonder because if they did then you would think that they would have picked up on these things. Also if they actually read the forums maybe just maybe they would figure out these problems that people are talking about. As I have seen hundreds of posts about arty and hundreds about tons of diffrent things that get reposted and reposted but nothing really gets done. So why even tell people to post stuff on the forums War Gaming if your company doesn't read them much. But that map looks fine to me fisherman bay. How about showing improvements to maps so that one spawn always has the upper hand or advantage i.e. highway, live oaks, cliffs hahaha I could go on.








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The_Peoples_Elbow #8 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 20:23


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When will this all be rolled out?

geronimocpd #9 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 21:00


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Other map who needs ballance is SWAMP,  Base 1 has a huge advantage, when someone push at G5 Area, making almost impossible get them out there.



koawlski #10 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 21:20


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All these maps need the rework. I want to know when Stalingrad and Kharkov will be restricted to clan wars or reworked or dropped. I know WG is proud of these maps but I think most rank and file tankers probably don't care about the historical accuracy.

ArcticTankHunter #11 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 21:32


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I'd like to delay Ruinberg and open a whole new route on the Right flank for TDs to rush. Again you guys did not think of the no armor TDs, they get spotted to easily on that map. Now the middle has bushes. TDs have no where to go because left flank city is going to be full of heavily armored tanks. The right side is going to be full of mediums. Whoever has the better spot range wins. It seems on the middle with bushes added TD's cannot camp or spot anyone coming until too late. Making it pointless for TD.


Majority of the games is always a bunch of medium/LT stuck on right lane and TDs cannot snipe anyone due to all the cover. Also, the entire area is a pure choke point where all the tanks are firefighting in the middle while TDs can't do anything due to all the hulling down and covers preventing TDs to flanking or rush in. They always have to wait till one side pushes. 


Suggestion on Ruinberg:

Make it bigger and open a new route on the right side of the map where all the TD used to camp. A whole new open field downhill where left city(The heavy tanks fight) cannot see enemy tanks moving across to the other side. This allows TD more option to push instead being cramped within LT/Heavy tank spot ranges.


Ruinberg right now looks like a two way choke point while Fisherman bay has a three way choke point. Have a new route for TD's to go like fisherman bay will greatly help.


I do like the Pilsen. Great job on that. It became a three way to a 5 way choke point with all that cover. Now that is how you make a map. Allowing all tank classes to have the ability to flank with different routes and cover. Just like the old Pearl river map but smaller.

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Bytr #12 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 22:39


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I'd like to suggest you put these three reworked maps up on Sandbox or CT by themselves, so we can give them a good close look without rotating through all the other maps and only seeing these occasionally.

fireraiserbr #13 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 22:46


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cliff is broken also, because north is fcked


fast tanks from south team rush the e2 in first half minute and fck WHOLE north blocking them even to get off THEIR SPAWN HOLE


and you should also notice SPAWN HOLE, while south dont have the privilege of being spawn in a hole


there was a way to counteract this but they changed the terrain and blocked north to climb the ridge on d3 and defend e2, so in fact the did something to further unbalance  the map.... figures


i wrote a ticket  few weeks ago about this, they first reply with the bot message ( i so hate when they do me bot replys) , and second reply telling they will do something. obviusly the customer care rep was a f. liar and they dont even considered it

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01LT #14 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 00:09

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All I'm see is same O'le BS maps made pretty.


Been saying this for years and we still haven't seen any difference in the quality of the maps made .Yes we need more maps. HD, SNOW, FIRE, AND SMOKE does not make a map new or better its still the same old map made pretty. I wouldn't care if these maps were 8 bit minecraft looking maps, as long as they were built focusing on obstacles and not a hill or corridor. These linear map that these WOT DEVS like to make needs to stop, if this is what they like make the game a side scroller. More maps also levels the playing field causing players to learn the new maps all together.

I dont see how its fun doing the same thing EVERY game on a particular map. Maps shouldn't be made to play 1 way that get boring very fast. Seems every map out now has that 1 spot that's its star point usually a hill on map leaving the rest of map POINTLESS.

Any map made where 80% of the players on said map end up in 1 general area 90% of the time is not a good map unless that area is a cap point. 


Capping' on a map should also be rewarded 3 times what it is now. Its not the most easiest task to do on map. Knowing exactly where someone is and not being able to kill them that should be rewarded. All cap points are in the wide open no cover (except Erlenberg). If you cant Boost reward just get rid of all cap points and make the game a elimination game. I love capping on maps 1 it brings back enemy that was elsewere  on map do God knows what "cough" camping "cough", but whats funny in some encounter games I have seen and have done caps where 13 out of the 15 players on the other team are still alive. these are the one tactic idiots that think you must climb the hill or funnel into the corridor and dog fight it out. and then loose and blame everyone else for there failure to stick to the objective of map, or the ones on the capping team complain cause they just didn't get enough kills damage done.


my MAP suggestion


1 FULL CITY MAP  grid layout no buildings larger than 2 stories with 30% of all buildings destructible no little mounds of rubble you cant roll over like in Stalingrad (for Gods sakes where in tanks)  and no massive blocks of dead space like Ruinberg


2 FULL FOREST MAP  with house size rocks for cover and only 50 meter visibility until trees are knocked down by players, this would make all players uses mini maps and radar rolling hills


Remove..............................half the trains in ENSK

SCRAPE or LEVEL OFF.... focus hill off of CLIFF, MALINOVKA, TUNDRA, MINES, HEMMELSDORF and  PROKHOROVKA in all its versions.

Delete.................................SAND RIVER, EL HALLUF, MOUNTAIN PASS, STEPPES, ARTIC REGION,  AIRFIELD wow what worthless maps

OPEN................................. all the DEAD SPACE in RUINBERG and PARIS more roads more lanes

FILL IN............................... all the water in LAKETOWN and SERENE COAST make the cities bigger

SPLIT.................................Split that center hill or 4 ways up on to it


 If a map must be brought back i would vote for PERL RIVER, SOUTHCOAST, NORTHWEST, DRAGON RIDGE, PORT, SEVEROGORSK, in that order


One more thing fix the PHYSICS mechanics on how tank moves. Per engine, tracks, and crew skills. without top engine mounted the tank should not reach its top speed or climb them steeper grades, and why is it that on some maps you can climb higher more steep grades at places and other map with grades less steep you cant. funny the IS7 has a top speed of 60 which it can barely get 60 downhill.


Give us freedom to play the maps the way WE WANT not how you made it.


Make maps with more obstacles more paths more angles not hills to climb give us freedom to play the maps the way we want too not the way you made them cause that doesn't make this a game it make it a show.

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bigbox_99 #15 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 00:24


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Changes in Pilsen look dreadful. The open lane down the east side is a poor choice; it had been at least interesting terrain before; wither side could advance the halfway point; the lane is not needed.  It gives way too much advantage to long-range guns.  I liked the hangars, especially on the west end of the board; it's what made Pilsen different. I'd prefer NOT to have wide open free shot zones,  especially since you have added shooting positions especially for TDs.  I preferred the terrain levels stepping down rather than one flat area extending across.  If I wanted large flat areas with no terrain, I'd play World of Warships.


Changes to Ruinberg have scrod the north team without giving them anything in exchange. The space northeast of the midline appears bereft of any  cover, while  the south still has the houses of the village as cover.  The south side already HAD an advantage at the rotary, having more sites for covered fire than the north; giving them wider fire zones was not needed IMHO.


Fisherman's bay looks like you have made it even more difficult to defend the south from the west side.   I cannot tell from what you have shown if it is any easier to attack from the south by providing any cover. 


These changes do not appear to  improve gameplay.


Uncle Ted

Rantu_Starr #16 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 01:08


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The visuals certainly look stunning, no argument there. I am most interested in seeing how WoT will bring back the maps we are missing. Honestly this is part of what has made me play less and less of late, lack of map variety. So, please bring back our old maps, and a few new ones to help make WoT more fun and interesting.


What we are missing:

Port, Dragon Ridge, Pearl River, Severovgosk, Hidden Village, Province, Komarin, and a few more :). (Pardon spelling, been a while since I have seen these maps.)

CEMKu_ECTb #17 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 02:00


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Am I the only one who thinks that "now all tanks can regardless of gun depression" is a stupid idea?

Tanks with good gun depression have other disadvantages compared to tanks with bad gun depression. Why are you taking away the thing some tanks are good at? Isn't that supposed to be the differentiating factor between good and bad players: knowing which spots work for their tank?

If maps are getting flattened to help tanks with bad gun depression, then what's being done to compensate tanks with good gun depression?

Compare Obj 140, T-62a and M48 and Centurion AX. Russian mediums have worse gun depression but are much smaller. So if you're flattening maps - i'm expecting reduction in size for things like M48 (which is the same size, if not larger than, as t110e5).


Maps balanced for both sides - yes, always a good idea.

Parts of the map that required good gun depression being flattened - bad idea, unless good gun depression tanks are being compensated.

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Shadowrealm50 #18 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 02:30


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Here a thought. Wargaming name one battle in WWII that was fought on equal terms.  That right none. So why try to make a map fair.  You shouldn't.  Your maps are OK stop change them because your number say in unfair to 1 side because in real combat your never want to fight a fair fight.

TheBrazenChariot #19 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 02:50


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How about giving back the sniper positions that were taken away, or at least come up with some new ones.

Shrivie #20 Posted Feb 06 2018 - 03:11


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Ok WarGaming.... I appreciate the fact you guys are working to make these maps look great and they do. However I constantly hear people say we need new maps and I agree. Why you guys aren't delivering on that, I don't know. If you don't want to work to develop new maps, then why don't you guys bring back the maps we haven't played for a long time for a week and then change them out. Just have a special map available for  week or month at a time. You guys have got to mix this up some for the players. It's the same thing over and over with the same plays over and over. The only problem is now is that people are doing stupid things in the game because frankly, it's boring. Bring out a map of the week or month and give us something different. In the meantime if the players are bored with the game stop buying gold and perks until they bring out some new content. It's about time for something new. I'm not saying delete any maps either, just bring out some new stuff.


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