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Level Design Improvements for Fisherman's Bay, Ruinberg, and Pilsen

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MacGunnr #41 Posted Feb 17 2018 - 16:05


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I've spent some time on the test server and found the new maps to be pretty damn good all the way around. Seems most hills have been lowered a bit making it possible to make it up them in an AT-15 before the game is over, I like that. There seems to be a much better balance overall of cover for the timid and lanes for the audacious, I like that. The 'tactical' changes are substantial and many of the old hidey holes are gone or, alternatively moved or changed. Most for the better. The graphics are stunning. With the landscape extending off the sides of the map all of them feel much bigger. I like the 'fun stuff' like the Bismarck and the Hindenberg, though I'm certain that's not the name of the downed airship. ;)

I like the Russian changes mostly though the Obj. 263 gun has been over-nerfed and makes it an odd duck--too inaccurate to be a long range sniper and I mean really bad at this, and nowhere near quick enough reload and agility to be a brawler. Despite it's drawbacks I much preferred the SU-122-54. I noticed the 263 gun had been de-nerfed a bit down to .39 after one of the Public Test micro patches and this helped but not enough. I was disappointed enough I quit working the 263 line and have stared grinding the 704 line.  I was quite resistant to switching to the 257 as I like the T-10 a lot but the 257 (I call it "The Roberts" google if  you must) is at least for my play style a superior tank. But don't get rid of the T-10, just get on with the new X for that branch. Maybe bring back the 122-54 in a branch like the Ferdinand off the SU-152 line.

Though there will be some niggles and glitches all in all an excellent effort, well done, lads. 

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