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Exp conversion question

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KingofMorons #1 Posted Sep 01 2011 - 10:00


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Hi there,

Just wanted to know some thing about conversion. I sold a few light and medium tier tanks and then later for getting a higher level tank - a heavy tank (IS)I converted their exp for gold to the current tank I had bought (IS)to speed up my progression. I used gold. Now I have a medium tank (T 28) and two heavies (KV line)which I am currently using in conjunction with a IS tank. I have some Exp points on the T28 and KVs and want to transfer them to the IS, But when I go to the convert exp for gold tab they don't show up there. I mean I have exp in all the tanks but it does not allow me to convert them to IS. like I did in the past for tanks which I had sold. Can I only covert for the tanks I have sold.

Help me out if you understand what i am saying and thanks in advance for all the info.

Mowie #2 Posted Sep 01 2011 - 10:02


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You can only transfer the XP once you have elited a tank.

So you will have to unlock everything in the research tree for that tank to elite it.

Then you can tranfer XP with gold.

Elbow #3 Posted Sep 01 2011 - 16:18


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What Mowie said, unlocking everything includes all tanks accesible by that tank as well. For the KV I think that means the KV-3, KV-1S and the S-51 before it's elite. Most tanks only unlock one tank (the next in line) so the KV is a poor choice for eliting.

You will get a message as soon as a tank becomes elite, did  you see that message for any tank? Once elite there will be a little gold emblem on the tank picture in your garage as well. If you sell an elite vehicle with exp left on it you can still transfere from it as well.

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